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I like to write. In english.

I also like computer games.

So the ultimate thing to do was to start writing games! I also like to play others' IF, it's challenging but fun.

Interactive Fiction by Polar

Inspiration!, by Jacob Polar (2011)
(3 ratings)

"Tick tock. Tick tock. Hours pass by as you sit in your office trying to write your interactive fiction. But the plot just doesn't seem to work... You change a few sentences, read them, and erase...

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The Big Scoop, by Johan Berntsson   June 11, 2011
"As soon as I started the game and read the introduction I thought: "Wow, this could be intresting." And it was! I became really engaged..." - See the full review

9:05, by Adam Cadre   April 13, 2011
"Short, funny, and smart. Those are three words I'd use to describe this game. It's rather short, but its story is smart, makes you think..." - See the full review

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Cheeseshop, by David Welbourn
Pangnyheten, by Johan Berntsson
The Big Scoop, by Johan Berntsson
The Mad Bomber, by Neil James Brown
Beta Tester, by Darren Ingram

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Cryptozookeeper, by Robb Sherwin
Trapped, by Kate Barnard