The Big Scoop

by Johan Berntsson


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Engaging!, June 11, 2011

As soon as I started the game and read the introduction I thought: "Wow, this could be intresting." And it was! I became really engaged and played for a long time. I enjoyed solving the puzzles although the hints in the menu can be good to take a look at if your looking for a specific verb(especially in the Swedish version).

I like the story a lot, it's exciting. It's driven forward by an excellent conversation system which I think worked pretty well, though, it can sometimes give suggestions for topics which you shouldn't have heard of yet; and by doing so spoiling the story.

I found some bugs around (Spoiler - click to show)Turbot Street and around the safe, regarding locking and opening, but nothing severe. I gave this game four stars because I find the conversation system very good and complete, I like the story a lot, the hint system is very useful and well organized and I think the puzzles are great - they won't drive you mad, they'll just force you to think a little more, and more, and more... In the end, the good things makes up for the minuses.

The environments are pretty standard, but the thing that matters most in this game is the story.

The game might be a little too much if you're new to Interactive Fiction, although the hint system works fine. I recommend the game to everyone but the absolute beginner to Interactive Fiction.