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I love playing IF, though I'm absolutely terrible at it. Over this past December, I taught myself how to write in Inform 7 so that I could create my own games.

I used to be a teacher, and my eventual primary goal is to create games that students can play that will be both adventurous and educational geared towards elementary school students (like having a sphinx ask a riddle about the date the Declaration of Independence was signed, or something like that).

I'd also like to create games that are tributes and homages to other things, like say a game where the clues are given in the context of Harry Potter or The Labyrinth.

At the moment, I've only written two games so far -- one simply to teach myself the language, and the other based on a typical morning of a working parent. The latter can be found on the IFDB site under "Just Another Day". I have no accomplishments as of yet, though who knows, maybe one of these days I'll feel brave and confident enough to enter a tournament or something haha.

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