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Hi! I'm Artie Kester.

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Interactive Fiction by Artie Kester

mr. leg needs some milk, by amelia tsukum (9 ratings)
Mr. Leg woke up in the middle of the night. Help him get some milk. One puzzle. Extremely short. This experimental game was made in an hour and a half. The game is in first person and intentionally...

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Vicious Cycles, by Simon Mark   December 1, 2015
"I played this game for the first time in a hotel room in the mountains in New York with my girlfriend. We sat with my laptop on the bed..." - See the full review

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my father's long, long legs, by michael lutz
Taunting Donut, by Kalev Tait
The Endling Archive, by Kazuki Mishima
Open That Vein, by Chandler Groover
The Northnorth Passage., by Caleb Wilson (as Snowball Ice)

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Hunter, in Darkness, by Andrew Plotkin
The Act of Misdirection, by Callico Harrison
Yellow Dog Running, by Sam Kabo Ashwell
Superluminal Vagrant Twin, by C.E.J. Pacian
The Guild of Thieves, by Rob Steggles

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