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Hi my name is Jon Prime and I like writing and games.

I know how to make twine games because they are mostly writing. I would love to collab with you if you need a writer.

Best way to reach me is through my twitter: if you're interested.

Interactive Fiction by jonprime

Birthday Simulator, by Jon Prime (2018)
(6 ratings)

In this game you simulate some birthdays

Birthday Simulator 2, by Jon Prime (1 rating)
The long-awaited sequel.

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Birthday Simulator 2, by Jon Prime   December 6, 2019
"The original Birthday Simulator (released 2018) sparked a fire of "why on earth would you make this?" in the narrative fiction world...." - See the full review

Birthday Simulator, by Jon Prime   February 1, 2018
"Very Real Comments I've Gotten from People: Let-off-studios (Glorious Trainwrecks): "She wore MY signature outfit on MY birthday. The..." - See the full review