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Interactive Fiction by RogerC

Spring Cleaning, by Roger Carbol (2008)
(6 ratings)
A down-on-his-luck commoner has been hired to clean the tower of the wizard Morkenmindan. Spring Cleaning was written as part of Spring 'Speed' IF during the last week of March, 2008. I say 'speed'...

The Weird Sister, by Roger Carbol (2002)
(2 ratings)

Comrade, by Roger Carbol (as Urist Uristson) (2015)
(5 ratings)

An entry in ShuffleComp: Disc 2. Inspired by "Rossiya" by Laibach, "Cha Cha on the Moon" by Pat Reader, "Rocket Man" by Iron Horse, and "Russian Roulette" by Rihanna.

Alma Mater, by Roger Carbol (2006)
(3 ratings)

The least you could do for your long-suffering mother is bring her a card once a year.

The Tenyaka Memorial of Vegreville, by Roger Carbol (2003)
(2 ratings)
In this small game that parodies Teletubbies, Pokemon, and Scientology, you play as a Knight of Xenu, sworn enemy of Thetans. Your quest has led you to the world's largest Easter egg in Vegreville,...

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Hidden Verbiage, by Linus Hamilton   January 31, 2021
"If you like wordplay puzzles, then you'll probably like this. If not, then less so. A bit tricky to get into, but once you figure out the..." - See the full review

Colonists, by Andrew Fuller   February 16, 2014
"This isn't a well-polished game. But if you hang in there with it, it has its charms. There is no malice here, but perhaps the occasional..." - See the full review