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Writer & choice-based text adventure maker. Co-founder of Wolf Games

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Interactive Fiction by IngridWolf

Cure for Death, by Ingrid Wolf (2019)
(2 ratings)
What if the technology to make everyone forever young and immortal is already around? We just don't know about it as it is top secret. In this gender-neutral choice-based story, you have an...

Saving the Princess, by Ingrid Wolf (2019)
Saving the Princess is a work of choice-based interactive fiction created in Twine 2 (SugarCube) and based on a story by Yuri Nikitin, a Ukrainian fantasy writer. In the near future, doctors are...

Keeping Up with the Buzzards, by Ingrid Wolf (2019)
Made for the 2019 Mix&Game Jam, this game was inspired by the Blitzchung vs Blizzard controversy, and by the eavesdropping mechanic from Assassinís Creed. In Keeping Up with the Buzzards, you are a...

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Very Vile Fairy File, by Andrew Schultz (as Billy Boling)   October 15, 2019
"This game is the first parser Iíve ever played, so it felt rather different, but engaging instantly. You proceed by picking and typing in..." - See the full review

Cup of Frost, Palm of Gold, by Emma Osborne   October 4, 2019
"One of my favorite writers is Ursula Le Guin. This game reminded me of the beloved Earthsea series. It shares the theme of children..." - See the full review

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Very Vile Fairy File, by Andrew Schultz (as Billy Boling)

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