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I'm just a teenaged guy with a love for Text Adventure games. I mostly only play parser games, although I can be convinced to play hypertext on occasion. Favourite genres are Horror, Espionage, and Mystery. Favourite games include Anchorhead, Spider and Web, One Eye Open, The Lurking Horror, Counterfeit Monkey, and Slouching Towards Bedlam. Contact me @a-swarm-of-crabs on Tumblr if you so desire.

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Alone, by Paul Michael Winters   August 18, 2023
"Alone is, from a technical standpoint, a great game. Good, classic IF with puzzles that make sense and have a logical progression, while..." - See the full review

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Varicella, by Adam Cadre
Counterfeit Monkey, by Emily Short
Alone, by Paul Michael Winters
Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin
Spur, by Kent Tessman

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Tangaroa Deep, by Astrid Dalmady
You Will Select a Decision, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy
The Axolotl Project, by Samantha Vick
Staub, by IkeC
Vampire: The Masquerade Night Road, by Kyle Marquis

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