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66 years old now and using ADRIFT to write IF. I wrote a number of adventures using P.A.W. in the late 1980's/early 1990's for the Sinclair Spectrum, these being:

Magnetic Moon; Starship Quest; Revenge of the Space Pirates; The Axe of Kolt; The Spectre of Castle Coris; The Lost Children; Die Feuerfaust; Run, Bronwynn, Run.

I had one unfinished Spectrum adventure, The Fortress of Fear, which I have now completed and released for the PC using ADRIFT 5. I have just finished re-writing all of my Speccie games using ADRIFT 5 and have also written one new game - The Call Of The Shaman - which I intend entering in the 2019 Annual IF competition.

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Interactive Fiction by Lazzah

The Fortress of Fear, by Larry Horsfield (2001)
(2 ratings)
Arriving at the vast Marienburg Fortress, headquarters of the Teutonic Knights, you find that that it has been captured by the mad sorceror-prince Wladyslaw. You volunteer to enter the fortress...

The Axe of Kolt, by Larry Horsfield (2014)
(3 ratings)
You are a penniless ex-mercenary soldier, reduced to wandering the land and doing odd-jobs in return for food and a place to sleep. You have just left the town of Greenwych and you have hitched a...

The Spectre of Castle Coris, by Larry Horsfield (2015)
(3 ratings)
Having been created a Duke by the grateful King Kelson for recovering the lost "Axe of Kolt", you are touring the towns and villages of your new duchy of Charlton when you hear about some strange...

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Cut the Red Wire! No, the Blue Wire!, by David Whyld   December 1, 2013
"This is a very short game with some quite amusing responses in David's usual witty style. I played it for a bit, got blown up numerous..." - See the full review