Cut the Red Wire! No, the Blue Wire!

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Amusing but frustrating!, December 1, 2013
by Lazzah (London, UK)

This is a very short game with some quite amusing responses in David's usual witty style. I played it for a bit, got blown up numerous times, gave up as you only have one move to input the correct command and I could not work out what it was.

I have to say that, knowing David's preference for ADRIFT 4, I assumed that he had written using that and so I ran the game using the ADRIFT 4 Runner.

I then ran the game using the ADRIFT 5 runner and to my great surprise a character called Stacy was listed after the location text. As this character was not there when I ran the game in the ADRIFT 4 runner, I must therefore assume that David used ADRIFT 5 to write this little ditty.

The line breaks are in need of attention but that's just me being picky. All in all an amusing but frustrating five minutes worth.

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David Whyld, December 1, 2013 - Reply
The game is indeed written with V4 and, like all V4 games, shouldn't be played with the V5 Runner because it throws up error messages. Unfortunately if you play the game with the V5 Runner, it auto-converts the game to V5 without warning the player it's done this and as such you run into problems with it. I've asked ADRIFT's developer to kindly put in a message warning people about this, but he doesn't seem interested.
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