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David Whyld

Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Member since October 18, 2007
Last visited February 11, 2019
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Interactive Fiction by David Whyld

The Amazing Uncle Griswold, by David Whyld (2005)
(2 ratings)

Another Cliched Adventure Game, by David Whyld (2014)
(5 ratings)

Entry in Ectocomp 2014.

Back To Life... Unfortunately, by David Whyld (2004)
(7 ratings)

An ancient king is resurrected by his adoring populace... much to his dismay as he kind of liked being dead - lots of time to think, put your feet up and, best of all, no work. But now he's back,...

Barney's Problem, by David Whyld (2004)
(6 ratings)

Barney has a problem. He has only a limited amount of time to have sex with a beautiful woman before a certain - and very crucial - part of his anatomy explodes. Will he get what he wants, or will...

Best Laid Plans, by David Whyld (2013)
(4 ratings)

Your lab partner has been shot dead and you've been locked in a room, likely to face a similar fate. Your chances of escape are pretty slim as you have no weapons or means of opening the door. But,...

Blood Relatives, by David Whyld (2001)

Buried Alive, by David Whyld (2004)
(3 ratings)

Unbelievable! You've been buried in the back garden by your wife who's left you for a younger man! Can you get out and get revenge before the soil starts closing in on you?

The Cellar, by David Whyld (2007)
(7 ratings)
You were always told not to go into the cellar. Told many, many times. But you were never told why. Today you'll find out...

Choices, by David Whyld (2004)
(9 ratings)

You weren't sure what to make of Miss Harris when she first came to the school. She was, after all, seriously hot. Playboy-centrefold hot. From the moment you first saw her walking across the...

Choose Your Own Three Hour Adventure, by David Whyld (2006)

You've been buried alive! But that's only the start of your troubles as you've got to contend with a half-man, half-ape, half-bulldog creature, a vampire who's somewhat reluctant, a mad game...

Choose Your Own..., by David Whyld (2004)

Can you stop the evil Erik von Lastmere in this gamebook-style text adventure?

Cowboy Blues, by David Whyld (2003)

The town of Stonetomb is a town in peril: Mad Jake and his gang of notorious outlaws have shown up and promised more mayhem than you can shake a stick at. The residents of Stonetomb are powerless...

Cut the Red Wire! No, the Blue Wire!, by David Whyld (2012)
(7 ratings)

You are a bomb disposal expert at the old warehouse on Throggmorton Row facing a big, nasty bomb. A red wire and a blue wire dangle from the side of the bomb.

A Date With Death, by David Whyld (2008)
(7 ratings)

It's not easy being king. Especially when you're the king of a nation constantly at war with, well, everyone. And when the Grim Reaper comes knocking on your door, you wonder if being king is...

A Day at the Office, by David Whyld (2003)
(5 ratings)

The best worker in the office, Bob Newbold, has been tragically run down and only YOU - the company tea boy - has a hope of getting everything shipshape before the Japanese businessmen arrive. Are...

A Day In The Life Of A Superhero, by David Whyld (2004)
(7 ratings)

The fiendish Tax Collector and his gang of cronies are threatening the city and only YOU - the fabled Masked Defender - can stop him!

Dead Reckoning, by David Whyld (2003)
(4 ratings)

Drawn back to your childhood town of Morrow after a distraught call from a friend, you find yourself in a life-or-death struggle against an ancient evil intent on lifting an ages old curse.

The Door to Utopia, by David Whyld (2002)
(1 rating)

You wake up one day to find you are dead, the victim of an exploded TV. Death is here, scythe in hand, and tells you that you have one small chance to avoid being sent to Hell...

The Final Question, by David Whyld (2005)

For Love of Digby, by David Whyld (2006)

A calamity has arisen: your remote is broken and you’re just six hours away from the 18th repeat of "Digby, The World’s Biggest Dog"! Somehow, you’ve got to get your remote working again in time...

Full Circle, by David Whyld (2012)
(2 ratings)

You awake in a strange place, your memories forgotten, your identity unknown, a simple pendant your only possession. What is this place? Why are you here? And, perhaps most important of all, who...

Goblin Hunt, by David Whyld (2004)
(1 rating)

It's that time of year again: the annual goblin hunt! So grab your best axe and get out there and kill yourself a goblin! Mindless violence and bloodshed guaranteed or your money back.

Halloween Hijinks, by David Whyld (2003)

Trick or treating should be fun, but when you live on Murder Drive it's not so much a case of "will you have a good time?" as "will you live to see tomorrow?" Guide you and your antagonistic sister...

The Haunted House of Hideous Horror, by David Whyld (2002)
(1 rating)

A sinister old man called Desther has insisted that you - a pizza delivery boy - rid his house of the ghosts he has been suffering with. Only the ghosts aren't too eager to leave...

How Suzy Got Her Powers, by David Whyld (2011)
(13 ratings)

You're Suzy Loman: mild-mannered waitress by day, superheroine by night. Well... at the present time that's only 50% true. The superheroine part you're still working on...

In The Claws of Clueless Bob, by David Whyld (2005)

You’ve fallen into the claws of the most notorious villain of them all: Clueless Bob Newbie, the world’s worst game writer! He’s now forcing you to play his games over again and again - a fate...

In The Mind Of The Master, by David Whyld (2007)
(11 ratings)

Jailbreak Bob, by David Whyld (2004)

Jim Pond & the Agents of F.A.R.T., by David Whyld (2003)

Lair of the Vampire, by David Whyld (2002)

You awake in a dark cell, imprisoned there with four others. You are wounded, twin bite marks in your neck which feverishly itch. To begin with, you know little of your predicament, not even your...

Lights, Camera, Action!, by David Whyld (2005)

Step into the shoes of celebrated film director G. I. Torrance as he endeavours to get his latest masterpiece finished with all the odds set against him. His main star treats him like the hired...

Mortality, by David Whyld (2005)
(5 ratings)

The Mystery of the Darkhaven Caves, by David Whyld (2004)
(1 rating)

Neighbours From Hell, by David Whyld (2003)

Oh No Not Another Fantasy Adventure, by David Whyld (2002)

The sequel to YADFA in which you, no longer a mere farm boy but now a mighty lord of Harrenden (or nearly anyway) discover an egg in the privy of your new castle (as you do). Seeing no point in...

Paint!!!, by David Whyld (2004)
(9 ratings)

[Entry in the cancelled ADRIFT One Room Comp 2004]

The Princess In The Tower, by David Whyld (2002)

Private Eye, by David Whyld (2005)

Regrets, by David Whyld (2005)

You have returned to the cabin in the woods, something you swore you would never do. Here lie the memories of your wife, and the terrible fate that befell her. A fate that you had more than a...

The Reluctant Resurrectee, by David Whyld (2007)
(7 ratings)

The Reluctant Vampire, by David Whyld (2006)

Life hasn’t been the same for you since that unfortunate night when you stopped to pick up the hitchhiker... who promptly bit you in the neck and cursed you with vampirism. Now your toothbrush...

Requiem, by David Whyld (2006)
(9 ratings)

The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie!, by David Whyld (2003)
(1 rating)

The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie, Part 2: This Time It's Personal, by David Whyld (2003)
(1 rating)

The Saga of Percy the Viking, by David Whyld (2003)
(1 rating)

Scene of the Crime, by David Whyld (2002)

Scene of the Crime 2: City in Fear, by David Whyld (2003)

Second Chance, by David Whyld (2005)
(3 ratings)

Shards of Memory, by David Whyld (2004)

A Short Damn Fantasy Adventure, by David Whyld (2003)

You're sure it must be a dream. After all, the last thing you remember was going to sleep... and then you found yourself here! While you're not entirely sure where here is - haunted mansions not...

A Slight Problem With Zombies, by David Whyld (2013)
(8 ratings)

Sophie's Adventure, by David Whyld (2003)
(6 ratings)

A Spot of Bother, by David Whyld (2005)
(1 rating)

The Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog, by David Whyld (2006)
(4 ratings)

Whatever Happened To Uncle Grumble?, by David Whyld (2002)
(1 rating)

Every year, you are paid a visit (whether you want it or not) by the black sheep of the family - Uncle Grumble. Only this year he's late.##Is he dead? Has he been kidnapped? Did he take a wrong...

Without a Clue, by David Whyld (2008)
(5 ratings)

Some fools may believe Sherlock Holmes to be the world's greatest detective. You know better, though, and soon you will expose him as the fraud he is. But when you break into his rooms looking for...

Wolves at the Door, by David Whyld (2008)
(1 rating)

The World According to CBN, by David Whyld (2007)

Imagine a world in which Clueless Bob Newbie reigned supreme, a world in which the mad and the crazy become normal, a world in which literally anything could happen... this is YOUR world.

The Worst Game in the World... Ever!!!, by David Whyld (2003)
(6 ratings)

Yet Another Damn Fantasy Adventure, by David Whyld (2002)

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Reviews by David Whyld

Where's Annabel?, by CJ592   April 22, 2012
"This one had an introduction at least, though the author’s spelling and grammar haven't improved much since Escape From The House. Nor..." - See the full review

Beam, by Madrone Eddy   April 22, 2012
"Room descriptions are painfully brief – YOU ARE ON A GRASS HILL UNDER A TREE – was the first one in the game. The second wasn’t much..." - See the full review

Tenebrae Semper, by Seciden Mencarde   August 26, 2011
"This began with a frustrating little puzzle that prevented me leaving the start location until I had all my stuff, while quietly..." - See the full review

All Hallows Eve, by Alvin Echeverria   August 24, 2011
"After an introduction that looked like it may never end – did I really count eight separate screen clearings or do I just think I did? –..." - See the full review

The Crooked Estate, by Duncan Bowsman   August 24, 2011
"“A weird little arty experiment of a game” is what I thought after a few minutes playing this. Nicely written but not much to actually..." - See the full review

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