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Interactive Fiction by David Whyld

The Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog, by David Whyld (2006)
(3 ratings)

[Adrift 4 game - please do not play with Adrift 5 as the compatibilty with Adrift 4 games is low] They said there was no way to get inside the fortress. They said a man would have to have a death...

Best Laid Plans, by David Whyld (2013)
(5 ratings)

Your lab partner has been shot dead and you've been locked in a room, likely to face a similar fate. Your chances of escape are pretty slim as you have no weapons or means of opening the door. But,...

The Reluctant Resurrectee, by David Whyld (2007)
(6 ratings)
The Further Adventures Of The King Who Wanted To Die But Whose Subjects Just Weren't Ready To Let Him Go… You’re alive. Again. And not too happy about it. During your current period of deadness,...

Mortality, by David Whyld (2005)
(4 ratings)

Mortality is the story of a man called Steven James Rogers and the events that follow his taking a job working for ageing multi-millionaire, Wilfred Gamble. The job involves acting as the personal...

A Day at the Office, by David Whyld (2003)
(5 ratings)

The best worker in the office, Bob Newbold, has been tragically run down and only YOU - the company tea boy - has a hope of getting everything shipshape before the Japanese businessmen arrive. Are...

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Reviews by David Whyld

Varicella, by Adam Cadre   January 8, 2024
"Okay, confession time. I've never been a big fan of Adam Cadre's work and have spent the last few years wondering if he's heavily into..." - See the full review

Where's Annabel?, by CJ592   April 22, 2012
"This one had an introduction at least, though the author’s spelling and grammar haven't improved much since Escape From The House. Nor..." - See the full review

Beam, by Madrone Eddy   April 22, 2012
"Room descriptions are painfully brief – YOU ARE ON A GRASS HILL UNDER A TREE – was the first one in the game. The second wasn’t much..." - See the full review

Tenebrae Semper, by Seciden Mencarde   August 26, 2011
"This began with a frustrating little puzzle that prevented me leaving the start location until I had all my stuff, while quietly..." - See the full review

All Hallows Eve, by Alvin Echeverria   August 24, 2011
"After an introduction that looked like it may never end – did I really count eight separate screen clearings or do I just think I did? –..." - See the full review

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