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Disappointing, April 22, 2012
by David Whyld (Derbyshire, United Kingdom)

Room descriptions are painfully brief Ė YOU ARE ON A GRASS HILL UNDER A TREE Ė was the first one in the game. The second wasnít much better Ė YOU ARE IN THE LOWER BRANCHES OF THE TREE. LOOKING OUT YOU SEE A SORT OF HAZY REFLECTION. Exits arenít mentioned in the room description, but instead displayed in the panel on the right hand side of the screen, so if you're one of those few people who occasionally play Quest games and turn the panels off because you donít like them, you wonít have a clue where you can go.

Itís a difficult game to make any kind of progress with, although my initial lack of enthusiasm, which took a hit by reading the poorly written intro and never really recovered, didnít help. As a game, it doesnít make a whole lot of sense. You wake up under a tree having fallen asleep and find you canít actually go anywhere because every time you try you keep bumping into invisible objects. WhatÖ? So you climb the tree Ė only CLIMB TREE doesnít work (another of the many, many basic commands Quest doesnít understand) Ė and find yourself in the location with the hazy reflection. What to do then is anyoneís guess. There are hints but none of them helped much as they all referred to different parts and there was no walkthrough available that I could find. I couldnít get to more than a total of three locations, I didnít have any items, I couldnít find much to do that didnít result in Quest hitting me with its ever-present I DONíT UNDERSTAND YOUR COMMAND. TYPE HELP FOR A LIST OF VALID COMMANDS* and, in the end, quitting seemed like an acceptable thing to do.

* Which it does with a frequency that makes you wonder just how many commands Quest *does* understand.

On the positive side of things, there were very, very few typos which is worth mentioning because it makes this game almost unique among Quest games. But as thatís the only positive thing I could find to say about it, itís still not a good game.