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I'm very new to IF, but I seem to like it a lot. I like games which tell stories, and dislike games that try to trip me up or put me in an unwinnable position. The only writing I've done so far is the first couple of scenes of an in-joke IF for the London Perlmongers (using Inform 7). I mostly program in Perl, but I've also done some LPC stuff for the Discworld MUD.

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Taunting Donut, by Kalev Tait   November 28, 2008
"This is a very short, single-room game with two fairly easy puzzles. The puzzles are both quite fair, and reasonably well-clued. I did..." - See the full review

Flowers for Algernon, by Anonymous   November 28, 2008
"This is a very short, one-room game. It's essentially the IF equivalent of a pun - even if you do manage to figure out the single puzzle,..." - See the full review

The Moon Watch, by Paolo Maroncelli and Alessandro Peretti   November 25, 2008
"I had very high hopes for this one - the "packaging" looked smooth and polished, and despite a few typos in the scene-setting exposition,..." - See the full review

Escapade!, by Juhana Leinonen   November 25, 2008
"All you have to do, as the bumbling sidekick of the gorgeous, muscular Captain McBrawn, is find the World President and warn him of an..." - See the full review

Bad Toast, by Jeffrey MacArthur   November 25, 2008
"Bad Toast is essentially a puzzle game with a bolted-on and entirely irrelevant backstory. The title refers to a "toast" you made at a..." - See the full review

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Caroline, by Kristian Kronstrand
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HHH.exe, by Robot Parking
Venus Meets Venus, by kaleidofish
Walker & Silhouette, by C.E.J. Pacian

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Dinner Bell, by Jenni Polodna
Words of Power, by Stark Springs
Moon Over Jupiter, by Admiral Jota
Downtown Tokyo, Present Day, by John Kean
Earth and Sky, by Paul O'Brian

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