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Great Escapes - 29 votes for 13 games; created February 21, 2012
Everyone knows that "escape the room" games and puzzles are an IF cliché. But which are the best examples of this classic genre?

Sandbox games - 8 votes for 7 games; created November 23, 2009
There are two competing philosophies in game design (in games in general, not just text games). One is the story: tell a story in which...

A fine bit of homebrew - 6 votes for 4 games; created August 9, 2009
Most games here are written with Inform, TADS, or other custom IF-writing languages. Some, however, are written in more standard and less...

Games with a city setting - 52 votes for 18 games; created July 30, 2009
I'm interested in games that are set in cities - historical, modern, fantasy, or science-fiction. In particular, games that make you feel...

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SSSM: in the shadow of jupiter, by Mark Wonnacott (as Glupsch Ito)   October 11, 2022
"This is effectively a short story told through emails and press clippings. The role of the "player" is simply to read through them,..." - See the full review

κρύο, by Adam Bredenberg   May 30, 2022
"To call this a "game" is hardly appropriate - it's more a tiny world that you can move around, containing some objects you can look at...." - See the full review

, by Pat Scott   May 30, 2022
"This is a multiple-choice game about getting up and going to work. The hook is that everything is told in emojis, including the player's..." - See the full review

Lord of the Rings: Game One, by Philip Mitchell, Michael O'Rourke, Paul Kidd, Lyn C   April 28, 2022
"It puzzles me somewhat that Melbourne House's The Hobbit remains one of the best-remembered games of the 1980s (that's all games, not..." - See the full review

The Orion Agenda, by Ryan Weisenberger   March 24, 2022
"It's hard to fault The Orion Agenda as far as its execution goes. It is well written, flows logically, has puzzles that make sense,..." - See the full review

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