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I was a lurker on the IF scene when I was in college in the '90s. I had "gone retro" on the videogame scene and was not interested in next-gen games of the day, and so I tried out old computer games until I had stumbled upon Zork. When I had asked whether Zork had been ported to Unix-based systems, somebody pointed me to the IF archive, and I ended up spending many happy hours in the computer labs doing the computer game equivalent of reading a book.

To this day, I still play Anchorhead, which was a new release at the time. There were a lot of other pieces of IF that were otherwise well-written but were written for IF "gamers," slamming the player with one difficult puzzle after another throughout the whole course of the story. I have a lot to say about Anchorhead, which I will do in the appropriate forum.

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Bolivia By Night, by Aidan Doyle
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