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Recommendations by mjhayes (Somewhere east of Garinham)

IF that integrates common elements of role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons

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1. Beyond Zork
by Brian Moriarty
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mjhayes says:

Published after the Zork trilogy and set into the future, the player is trying to retrieve the fabled Coconut of Quendor. There are fights with monsters throughout the game and "level ups" occur after every few fights. Plus the player has various stats such as strength, luck, intelligence, and so on. To make things even more interesting, several sections have randomized maps, so there is a different way to navigate through places like a bog every time you play.

2. Metroid, by Billy Rawls (2001)
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mjhayes says:

There was a video game magazine in 2001 that had criticized the upcoming release of Metroid Prime for Nintendo GameCube, with a three-frame comic of worse things that could have happened to Metroid. One of them was to make it into a text adventure game. Somebody apparently ran with that idea and created this TADS game, apparently making it deliberately primitive to emphasize just how bad an idea it would have been. It should be obvious that it's a gag, but it does have the makings of a simple RPG game. Just don't expect too much from it.

3. Chicks Dig Jerks, by Robb Sherwin (1999)
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mjhayes says:

Is this an RPG game? You wouldn't think so, unless . Take a look at the source code though, and you'll see what I mean.

4. Zork: A Troll's-Eye View, by Dylan O'Donnell (1998)
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mjhayes says:

This is more of a gag than an actual RPG game set to IF, but it does keep score (not unlike just about every other IF game). The fight outcomes are random too, just as they were in the original Zork game.

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