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Reference - 3 items   September 17, 2015
Some files were created as references to other IF at the time, or even as educational interactive tutorials. Here they get their own...

MiSTings - 3 items   September 17, 2015
In the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000, some games were so bad that somebody decided to come along and spoof them. Not all of them...

Multiple Choice - 4 items   September 17, 2015
IF pieces that use a "multiple choice" interface rather than a full parser. Might be as interactive as a Choose Your Own Adventure book,...

RPG Games - 4 items   September 16, 2015
IF that integrates common elements of role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons

Abuses of the IF engine - 21 items   September 16, 2015
Although various interpreters were written to facilitate play and creation of interactive stories, it should be obvious that some people...

Puzzle-less IF - 3 items   September 16, 2015
Interactive stories without the puzzles. Most of them are short, and morbid as well, so be prepared.

Honorable Mentions - 5 items   September 16, 2015
These are pieces of IF that were written with a specific writing concept in mind. They deserve mention for their respective authors'...

All-Time Favorites - 3 items   September 16, 2015
These are the games that I recommend for people new to IF.

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