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Some files were created as references to other IF at the time, or even as educational interactive tutorials. Here they get their own obscure place in the spotlight.

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1. Lists and Lists, by Andrew Plotkin (1996)
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mjhayes says:

After a few turns of classic IF, you wake a sleeping genie who decides to teach you how to write LisP code. For a programming tutorial made into an IF piece, this is actually pretty good.

2. Encyclopedia Frobozzica, by Digby McWiggle and Nino Ruffini (1999)
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mjhayes says:

The infamous "Encyclopaedia Frobozzica," now in a non-printed form.

3. Z-Files, by Gunther Schmidl, Michael Baum, Paul de Valmency, Michael Baum, Neil James Brown, and Brendon Wyber (1998)
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mjhayes says:

A compilation of existing IF at the time, made into a handy catalog as an IF piece.

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