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Recommendations by mjhayes (Somewhere east of Garinham)

Interactive stories without the puzzles. Most of them are short, and morbid as well, so be prepared.

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1. Mercy, by Chris Klimas (1997)
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mjhayes says:

A story set in a fictitious future where a new epidemic of smallpox is killing everybody off. You play as a euthanasia doctor, struggling to retain both your job and your sanity in a society which is also struggling to retain its normality. I find it interesting to look around at the same rooms and the same objects as before, and take different paths.

2. In the End, by Joe Mason (1996)
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mjhayes says:

This one is about suicide, so be forewarned. You start off at a funeral for a friend of yours who had just killed himself. From there, in more ways than one there is no sense of direction. First of all, you navigate by entering and exiting from different places, not by entering nautical commands like "go north." Second, what you are supposed to do after the funeral is up to you, leaving an emphasis on personal choices. Too bad it's pretty short.

3. Photopia
by Adam Cadre
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mjhayes says:

This piece can neither be qualified as a game nor as a story, because it is told from multiple viewpoints and there are multiple stories which gradually come together as you go along. At first, it seems to be a jumble of disconnected stories with a color theme for every other one. Explaining more would give too much away. I will just say that you'll find a little replay value here in trying to stop the fatal car accident.

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