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Hi! I'm Joey Acrimonious, and this profile is under construction.

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Interactive Fiction by Joey Acrimonious

Turbo Chest Hair Massacre, by Joey Acrimonious (2020)
(16 ratings)
You are a young woman about to meet your girlfriend for (what you hope will be) a fun and sexy night on the town. But first, you have an important mission: to shave your chest hair.

Digit, by Joey Acrimonious (2022)
(6 ratings)
On a sweltering-hot summer evening, two friends walk and talk. And then some. Released for Spring Thing 2022, where it appeared with the author's comment: "For adults only. Digit is an interactive...

Ribald Bat Lady Plunder Quest, by Joey Acrimonious (2023)
(5 ratings)
Wherein a bat-themed monster lady goes on a felonious adventure to obtain a special birthday present for her beloved. ...

Vomit Economy, by Joey Acrimonious (2024)
(4 ratings)
Can you take a failing enterprise and make it prosper again, in a world where vomit is a valuable consumer good? This limited parser game can be played with only three commands: examine, set...

Meatmonger, by Joey Acrimonious (2022)
(2 ratings)
A short, adults-only fantasy adventure. Our beefy hero, Matteus, needs a new gig. But when he embarks on a quest into a dark and dangerous cave, what - or who - will he encounter there? NB:...

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Reviews by Joey Acrimonious

Graveyard Shift at the Riverview Motel, by Seb Pines   May 18, 2022
"Graveyard Shift at the Riverview Motel has much to offer: a smorgasbord of spine-chilling tales, often gruesome and always..." - See the full review

Computerfriend, by Kit Riemer   May 15, 2022
"Much could be said about the zonked-out alt-history setting of Computerfriend, with its dystopian vision of environmental devastation,..." - See the full review

Filthy Aunt Mildred, by Guđni Líndal Benediktsson   May 15, 2022
"Filthy Aunt Mildred is a beautiful story. It is beautiful because it possesses an utmost clarity of vision and purpose, and every passage..." - See the full review

Crow Quest, by rookerie   May 14, 2022
"For a first foray into Twine, this is a mighty promising game. The narration perfectly captures what I imagine the internal lives of..." - See the full review

Abate: Hide Behind the Curtains, by Rohan   May 14, 2022
"If I had to describe Abate in one word, it would be: potato. Potatoes are, of course, the most important motif in the game, and they..." - See the full review

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