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Hi! I'm Joey Acrimonious, and this profile is under construction.

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Interactive Fiction by Joey Acrimonious

Turbo Chest Hair Massacre, by Joey Acrimonious (2020)
(15 ratings)
You are a young woman about to meet your girlfriend for (what you hope will be) a fun and sexy night on the town. But first, you have an important mission: to shave your chest hair.

Haunted Mustache Pizza Delivery, by Joey Acrimonious (2021)
(3 ratings)
There's a pizza delivery to be made. But your mustache senses that something is amiss. NB: Contains coarse language, hastily-written sexual references, and bizarre images of pizza. Written in just...

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Reviews by Joey Acrimonious

Baggage, by Katherine Farmar   January 27, 2022
"What I liked: This is a short but effective tale about someone - let's call them a positive role model - who examines and questions their..." - See the full review

An Amical Bet, by Eve Cabaniť   January 27, 2022
"What I liked: -There's a clever twist waiting at the end. What I didn't like: -Poor grammar. -The main task is rote: walking through..." - See the full review

the eternal adventures of tits magee, by Kayleigh Van Overen   January 25, 2022
"Noir drips from every pore of our hero, Tits Magee. She inhabits a world of pure style where sprezzatura is the only virtue - a gritty,..." - See the full review

The Algophilists' Penury, by Jon Stall   April 4, 2021
"I don't claim to be an expert on game design. But from what I've gathered, I believe most creators and critics of IF adhere to some..." - See the full review

A Calling of Dogs, by Arabella Collins   March 16, 2021
"A Calling of Dogs is, at its heart, a character-focused work. Solving the problem of survival is a large part of the experience, but what..." - See the full review

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