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Hi! I'm Joey Acrimonious, and this profile is under construction.

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Interactive Fiction by Joey Acrimonious

Turbo Chest Hair Massacre, by Joey Acrimonious (2020)
(15 ratings)
You are a young woman about to meet your girlfriend for (what you hope will be) a fun and sexy night on the town. But first, you have an important mission: to shave your chest hair.

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The Algophilists' Penury, by Jon Stall   April 4, 2021
"I don't claim to be an expert on game design. But from what I've gathered, I believe most creators and critics of IF adhere to some..." - See the full review

A Calling of Dogs, by Arabella Collins   March 16, 2021
"A Calling of Dogs is, at its heart, a character-focused work. Solving the problem of survival is a large part of the experience, but what..." - See the full review

OK Boomer: The Game, by E.I. Wong   March 16, 2021
"OK Boomer: The Game is quite simply an expression of anger. Perhaps it could be called an expression of righteous anger if we're being..." - See the full review

Killing Me Softly, by Fobazi M. Ettarh   March 11, 2021
"I have mixed feelings about Killing Me Softly. In this game (well, "interactive narrative experience" might be a better classification,..." - See the full review

The HUND: The Awesome Alien Dating Sim, by Drakkenn   March 9, 2021
"In The HUND, you play as some dude who interacts with a bunch of humanoid alien women aboard a spaceship, most of whom seem to be..." - See the full review

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