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Vomit Economy

by Joey Acrimonious profile


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2 reviews

About the Story

Can you take a failing enterprise and make it prosper again, in a world where vomit is a valuable consumer good?

This limited parser game can be played with only three commands: examine, set something to something, and advance. It is a sort of proof-of-concept/testing ground for my longtime dream of realizing a management simulator in Inform 7, and it may be horrifically unbalanced.

Contains rude language, crude themes, mention of injury, death, and war, and vomit.

Created for Shufflecomp 2023, and inspired by the song Han-Tyumi the Confused Cyborg, by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, as suggested by Tom Beach.

Game Details


14th Place, Game Goodness; 14th Place, Use of songs - ShuffleComp 2023


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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
So gross (in a good way), January 15, 2024
by manonamora
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Vomit Economy is a resource management parser, where you take over your uncleís factory creating gallons of vomit (why? donít worry about it), and try to balance the profits and expenses, improve the recipe, and grow the company. Last as long as you can, through the ups and downs of the economy, and the emerging competition. Make your uncle proud?

So, will you be able to be up to the task?

The answer is definitely a no for me. Not for more than a year at least. I could stroll through a few quarters without switching things around, but as soon as passed the first year, I went full bankrupt. I donít know whether I messed up the first few quarters or just didnít get the recipeÖ The game is TOUGH!

In terms of gameplay, the input is limited to 3 commands (examine, set [to change production/characteristics], and advance), to influence a few dozens of elements in the factory: management, the formulation of the vomit recipe, the capacity of production, employee benefits, and marketing.
Trying to balance everything is pretty fun, even if tough, especially if you are into min/max-ing and resource management. However, because there is *so much* listed on the screen, you end up spending half the time scrolling up and down to check information and setting it to new levels... (it's tedious...)

I still havenít figured out the perfect recipe thoÖ

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Short, darkly comedic business sim, January 24, 2024
by Cerfeuil (*Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personnel, Kid)
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"All you brats have been put through Vomit School, but you're the only one who learned anything there. And you have the motivation. Turn this business around, and you stand to inherit something."

A surreal business management sim about vomit. The gameplay is pretty bare-bones. Once you figure out a good set of expenditures - which is mainly a matter of changing the vomit formula - you can more or less stick with it. I won on my first try. (If only running a successful business in real life was that easy...)

A lot of the stats can be ignored - I didn't touch QA or training or processing, for example. The game could also stand to be way more clear on what some of the stats actually do. Right now most of the gameplay is "tweak stat, see if it does anything, repeat". Besides the vomit formula, the other stats I got the most mileage out of were wholesale price, varieties, and gallons produced. (Particularly, increasing varieties to 10 seems to up demand with no downside. What's up with that?) The formula guessing minigame is slightly fun, but also somewhat tedious. (The controls for changing ingredient percentages stat by stat can be really annoying, so I wonder if you could make different formula presets and have shortcuts for setting the balance to a specific formula?

Random events each quarter change the calculations, and though they initially have little impact, I found myself getting surprisingly invested in changing the numbers to max out profit. Capitalism, baby!

The little dialogue snippets you get every quarter are the real gem of this game, though, not the gameplay. Simultaneously hilarious and disturbing. Best of all, the background events aren't totally random but follow a fixed storyline, and you can feel the economic shocks influence your decisions. (In other words: the war is the best part.) The author said this is just a proof of concept, and I hope we get more. Lots of storytelling potential here.


"He's got his own vomit factory now?"

"Fuck no. He says that's unnatural. What he's started is a center for holistic vomit. That douchebag is telling people they need to rediscover their cultural heritage and reclaim the means of vomiting from the soulless clutches of fat cat industrialists."


"So, he's charging people to come vomit in his ugly-ass clay pots."

"You mean he's paying them?"

"No, he's charging them, and those gullible fucks are eating it up!"

At the end, I had 2,261,644 dollars in the bank after about 30 min of playtime. I'm rich.

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