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Some IFs I love:

- Summit by Phantom Williams
- Computerfriend by Kit Riemer
- Cannery Vale by Hanon Ondricek
- Eat Me by Chandler Groover
- Beautiful Dreamer by S. Woodson
- Many others I can't list here, because it would take too long...


Interactive Fiction by Cerfeuil

Messages From the Universe Graveyard, by KADW (2024)
(7 ratings)
Explore a dead MMO and leave messages for other players to find. Featuring: 100+ abandoned and glitchy rooms to discover! 20k+ words, mostly in messages! Social (?) interaction! And 0 NPCs,...

Cozy Simulation 2999, by KADW (2023)
(11 ratings)
Short horror game made for SeedComp 2023 in a few days. About fifteen minutes long. (4/25/2023: This game was made in a short period of time, and looking back on it, I like it even less than I did...

All The Games I Would Have Made For Seedcomp If I Had The Time (Which I Did Not) (Oh Well There's Always Next Year), by Cerfeuil (2024)
(3 ratings)

It is 6:59 am EST on March 4, 2024, one minute before submissions close for this year's Seedcomp. Fortunately, this is the hypothetical nonexistent world of Seedcomplandia, where time is infinite....

(4 ratings)
EVISCERATETHISGIRL.COM—the website you spend a bit too much time on... Horror game made for the Neo Twiny Jam, with less than 500 words. About 10 minutes long. Contains flashing animations and...

The Fading City, by KADW (2023)
(1 rating)
There are places at the edge of the Commonwealth where the land falls into silent anonymity. You have been sent to one of those places.

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Games with amusement parks/fairgrounds in them - 38 votes for 24 games; created June 20, 2023
Games that feature carnivals, fairgrounds, amusement parks, circuses, etc. Of any kind!

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Provizora Parko, by Dawn Sueoka   May 22, 2024
"A bizarre and beautiful game. As given by the description, you are in purgatory after having apparently... died? But the nature of your..." - See the full review

Solkatt_ (english version), by BenyDanette   April 15, 2024
"You're a 26-year-old NEET who starts hearing strange music in the house where you've been living depressed and friendless for many years...." - See the full review

A Collegial Conversation, by alyshkalia   April 15, 2024
"I'm fascinated by the perspective switching in this one. It takes the seed and really puts it to good use. You get to see a heated,..." - See the full review

Dungeons & Distractions, by Emery Joyce   April 15, 2024
"Here's my DND story: The longest campaign I've been in ended after two sessions, but not before my character broke both legs jumping off..." - See the full review

Faery: Swapped, by mathbrush   April 15, 2024
"This game is really trippy. And hilarious. Took me a while to figure out you were supposed to give the meat to the dog - there was what..." - See the full review

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Zugzwang, by Vanessa Jygon, Eleanor Jimmy
The Tower, by communistsister
The Gift of What You Notice More, by Xavid and Zan
Until Tomorrow, by BenyDanette
According to Cain, by Jim Nelson

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