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Some IFs I love:

- Summit by Phantom Williams
- Computerfriend by Kit Riemer
- Cannery Vale by Hanon Ondricek
- Eat Me by Chandler Groover
- many others I can't list here, because it would take too long!

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The Usher Foundation VIII: The Spiral, by Apollosboy   January 18, 2023
"As it happens, I've read the transcripts of the entire Magnus Archives podcast, despite not being a great fan of it, so from the start I..." - See the full review

En Garde, by Jack Welch   January 17, 2023
"This story is great. I would go in with as few spoilers as possible. But another review I read before playing spoils the central concept,..." - See the full review

Rites of a Mailmare, by Owlor   January 5, 2023
"Not only does this game have illustrations, it also has sound design! And the illustrations are great. Very moody black-and-white images,..." - See the full review

Computerfriend, by Kit Riemer   December 3, 2022
"This game captivated me when I first played it. I played it four or five times and got I think four different endings (1, 3, 6, maybe 4..." - See the full review

Glimmer, by Katie Benson   December 1, 2022
"This may just be me, but I liked the 'fall into a deep depression' part much more than the " - See the full review

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