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"adventure" "adventure" "historical" "middle ages" "historical" "historical" "europe" "political" "Europe" "1930's" #ifGP22 hostile NPC 1-Bit 1080p 111 18+ 18th century 1900 1900s 1920 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1970s 1980's 1980s 1984 1st Annual MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest 2-3 Minutes 20's 2010 2012 2012 GDC Pirate Kart 2012 IGF Pirate Kart 2019 2019 XYZZY Awards 2020 XYZZY Awards 2021 XYZZY Awards 24 24 Hours of Inform 2002 24 Hours of Inform 2003 24 Hours of Inform 2004 2D 30's 3016 3d 3D graphics 3d movement 3rd person 42 4:3 60s 70s 8-bit 80s 80s nostalgia 8bit 8bit graphic 90s @party IF Competition 2010 a A Game By Its Cover 2020 a mother's love A-Code A-code source available aapi abductionl AbilityComp abjection ableism abortion abstract Abstract Concepts absurd absurdistic abuse Abuse of Database Abuse of Site abusive academia academic NPC acceptance acción ACE achievements acid western Acorn Acorn Electron Acornsoft Acquisition acronyms Action action chunking action limit active examine active npc active NPCs activeNPCs Activision adaptation adaption adaptive hints addiction Adfrift adjustable difficulty ADL adoption Adrift Adrift 3.8 Adrift 3.9 Adrift 4 Adrift 4 game Adrift 4.0 ADRIFT 5 ADRIFT 5 Intro Comp 2012 Adrift competition 2001 Adrift competition 2002 Adrift competition 2003 Adrift competition 2004 Adrift competition 2005 Adrift competition 2006 Adrift competition 2007 ADRIFT competition 2008 Adrift competition 2009 Adrift competition 2010 Adrift competition 2011 ADRIFT Competition 2017 ADRIFT game ADRIFT Game of the Year Award ADRIFT IntroComp 2009 ADRIFT source available ADRIFT Writing Challenges Comp 2006 adult adult baby adult humor adult themes advanced difficulty adventions Adventure Adventure International Adventure Probe Software Adventure Soft AdventureJam AdventureJam 2018 AdventureJam 2019 AdventureJam 2020 Adventurescape adventuron Adventuron Christmas Jam Adventuron source available adventuron source code available adverbs advergame Advertising advocacy AdvSys AdvSys source available Aegis Development aeriel affection africa afterlife AGDQ agent AGT AGT source available AI AI art ai content AI parser AI protagonist aif AIF mini comp 2007 AIF mini-comp 2009 aif mini-comp 2013 aircraft airplane Airplane Crash airport airship alamont alan Alan 2 Alan 3 Alan source available alaska alberta albino alchemy alcohol alcohol abuse alcohol references Alice alien alien intelligence alien sidekick alien world aliens alignment all ages ALL CAPS all roads allegory Allergy allor alone alpaca alpha Alphabet alternate Alternate History alternate reality alternate universe alternative endings alternative history Alternative Software alyssa am amador Amare Amateur America american American Civil War Americana Amiga amnesia amphibians Amstrad Amstrad CPC Amusement Park anachronism ancient ancient gods ancient Greece ancient Greek ancient history ancient world and android AndroidOS androids Andromeda Legacy andromeda series anemia angel angelique vordan angels Angelsoft angst Animal animal NPC animal protagonist animals animated art animated background animated text animation animations anime Anna Chronicle Anonymous anosmia Antarctica anthology antholojam anthropology anthropomorphised animals anthropomorphism anti-game anti-romance jam Antiquity anxiety Aotearoa apartment building apartment building ape Apocalypse apocalyptic app apparently doesn't exist anywhere so why is it here? apparition apparitions Apple II Apple IIGS Apple Macintosh appleii apprentice April April Fools Day AQW ar arbitrary choices arcade sequence arcane arch narrator archaeology archimedes Architecture archive archives arctic are fun arena ARG ARG-like Argentina Argentinian Spanish Argonauts arielle davis Ariolasoft aristocrats Aristotle aromantic aromanticism around arranged marriage Art art gallery art installation artgame arthouse Arthur C. Clarke Arthurian Artic Computing artificial intelligence artificial life artist artistic arts artwork ASCII ASCII art ASCII Corporation asesinato asesinos seriales asexual asexuality Asia asian protagonist ask/tell conversation asmr Aspec friendly assassination Assembly source available astrology astronaut astroturf Asylum atari Atari 8-Bit Atari ST Athar atlantis atmospheric atomic bomb ATTACK attempted murder Auckland audio augmentations augmented reality Australia Australian authentic author Author warns this game is broken author's dilemma autism autistic protagonist auto advance auto walk autobiographical autobiography Autofiction automap Available on Steam Avalon Hill avaress aventuriers intérimaires avocado AvPD Axis Komputerkunst AXMA Story Maker B movie baader meinhof Baal baby babysitting Bacchus Back Garden Bacon bad character encoding bad taste baking balcony Ballad balloon baltimore Band bandages bank bar barbarian barghest barney the dinosaur baron baroque Barrie Eaton barstow BART bartending baseball based on book based on comic book based on movie based on opera based on painting based on short story based on songs based on TV show BASIC basic difficulty BASIC source available Basic Source Code bastrick bathroom Bathroom issues batman battle battle of loos battle royale BBC BBC BASIC BBC Master 128 BBC Micro BBC Model B BBC Model B+ BBC Software BBQ bbs BDSM beach Beam Software bear bears Beast beauty bed beer bees beetrootphobia beginner bells bengali Berkeley Berlin Bermuda Triangle best Best EVER! Best friends bestiality beta bible biblical bibliographical references big bang big brother Big Chaos Twine Jam big crunch big data big thing bigfoot bilingual binaural binkski bio punk biology biopunk Bip Bipboupbop Bipboupbop (Titre Temporaire) bird bird protagonist birds birthday bisexual bisexuality biting bitsy bitter bizarre slapstick black black and white black and white illustrations black comedy black magic blackandwhite blacksmith Blackwood Chronicles blasphemy bleak blindness bling block art blog blood bloodlust Bloody Blue board game geek boarding boat boating boats Bobby Fischer body horror body image body modification body pleasant body positivity body transformation Bolivia bomb Bomico Bondage bonds boogeyman book book adaptation book references bookmarks books boomerang bop Borges borscht botany bouchercomp boup boy boy scout Braille Note Apex branched branching branching paths branching story brand names brazil breakdancing breaking breaking up breakoutbangalore breakoutescaperooms breakup Brevecomps 1 brexit brief brisbane Britain British British Broadcasting Corporation British pop culture references Broderbund broken broken 4th wall broken down car broken link broken_link bronze age brooding Brooke Burgess browser bruegel Brutal BSD license BTZ bugged buggy bugs built-in hints built-in map bulldog bullies bullying bunker bunny bureaucracy bureaucracy simulator Burger King burgers Burglary Burnley Burrik bus ride businessman Butler butter BxB by Byteriders C C source available c# C++ C++ source available c128 C16 C64 C64 BASIC cabin Cable Software cactus caffine cake california CALL call of cthulhu calm calvino camel Camp campfire camping Canada Canadian cancer candy canine protagonist caning cannibalism canvassing capitalism Capsule Captain Captain Nemo CAPTCHA car car accident car chase card game cards career advice Caribbean Carlos The Jackal Carnell Software Carnival Cars cartoon casino caste Castellano Castilian Castillan Castillian castle castles casual casual game play competition #7 cat CAT 2010 Catalan Catalonia catholicism cats cave cave crawl cave-crawl caves celebrity Cell cellphone celtic cemetery censor protagonist censorship centaur Cerebral cgi chain death chain mail chainable commands challenge Challenging chandler changing environment chaos Chapbook chapters character character based character creation Character Driven character graphics character portraits character switching character-based characters charity Charming chase Chatbot chauvinism checkpoint checkpoints cheese chef chernobyl Cheshire Cat chess chest Chesterton Chicago chicken ChickenComp chickens child child abuse child author child care child death child main character child protagonist childbirth Childhood childhood favorites childhood memories children Children's Children's Books children's perspective childrens Chile china chinese Chinese mythology Chinese parser choice choice based choice of games Choice of Games hosted games choice-based choice-consequence choices choices matter ChoiceScript ChoiceScript source available choicscript choose choose your own adventure Choose Your Own Story Choose-your-own-adventure ChooseYourStory Chouans christian Christianity Christmas chrome Chrome only chronic illness chronology reversed church Ciencia ciencia ficción cigarettes Cinderella cinema cipher Ciphers circus cities Citroen citrus city city walk civil rights class-based cliches Classic classic category classical music classical philosophy claustrophobic CLI click features click games clickbait clicker clicker games clickers clickers games clickventure cliffhanger ending climate catastrophe climbing Clojure source available cloning clothing Clouds Clouds in the Sky clown clowns club club Floyd transcript ClubFloyd transcript Clubfloyt transcript clue CME cmg coach coarse language cocktail coconut code codes coding exercise coercive Coffee coffeeshop simulation coffin cognitive dissonance cold cold breeze cold war coledge collaboration collaborative college college life Cologne colonialism color Color Computer colors Colossal cash prize combat comedy comes with theme music comic comic book character comic strip comics coming of age comittee command-line interface commentary commercial commodities Commodore 128 commodore 64 Commodore Amiga Commodore PET Commodore Plus/4 Commodore64 communication communism community commute compasless compass compass status display compassless Competition compilation complex npc complex npcs complicity compound word title with mind Comps Compukit UK101 computer Computer Assisted Language Learning computer lab computerless computers Conan Concurso de Aventuras de MicroHobby 1989 Concurso Nacional de Aventuras 1997 Concurso Nacional de Aventuras 1998 condescension Confederate treasure conference confidence Confused protagonist congress conlang conquest consciousness console conspiracies conspiracy constable constrained protagonist constrained writing constraints constructed language consumerism contains occasional swearing contemplative contemporary fantasy contest continuous space conversation conversation menus conversation puzzles conversation-based cookie cookie click cookie clicker cookie clickers cookies cooking cool cooperation coping corn corner Cornwall Coronavirus corporal punishment corporations corruption cosmetics Cosmic Fantasy cosmic horror cosmic loneliness costume count counterfactual country home court cover art covid COVID-19 cow cowboy cowboys Cows cozy CP/M cpc crabs craft crafting crash crashed airplane crashed spaceship crashes Firefox crayon Crazy crazy quilt create creation creation myth creative creative block creativity creature creatures creeping doom creepy creepypasta crime crime family crime fiction criminal criminals criptid crisis CRL Cro Magnons crocodile cross-dressing crossover crossroads crossword crowbar crowdfunded crown jewels crpytic Cruel Cruel forgiveness Cruelty cruelty to animals crusades cryo tubes crypt Cryptex Game Jam cryptids cryptogram Cryptography Crystal Computing crystals Cthulhu cube CuCulainn cuisine culinary theme cult cultural references Culture curse curses Cursing custom Custom Character custom engine custom interpreter custom parser customisation customizable customize cute cutscene cutting Cyber Security cyberpunk cyberspace cyborg cyclical cycling links cyclops cynical CYOA CYOA with IF-like world model CYOA with location-based world model CYOA with puzzles Czech Cómics Poéticos d&d D/s DAAD Dad dagger daily damsel in distress dance dancing Danish dark Dark City dark comedy dark fantasy dark humor dark humour Dark Romance dark themes Dark Unknown Planet darkfantasy darkness darts data database Datamost date dating dating sim dave crowe Davka Corporation day in the life of Dead dead protagonist deadline deaf protagonist deals death death (no gore) Death Star debt decapitation decay decide Decisions deck building decryption deep deer defunct degenerate delayed text Delete delicious delirium Delta 4 delusions demake dementia demo demon demonic demons demonstration Den Bosch Dendry Dendry source available dentistry depressing depression deputy des desert deserted island desire desktop detective detective fiction determinism deterministic combat developed in Japan devil devotion diabetes diagnosis diagnostic puzzles dialog dialogue diamonds diary diavolo dei crocicchi dictatorship Die Zombie! Die! diegetic interface dieselpunk diet different narratives difficult dilemma dino-comp dinosaurs diplomacy disability disabled protagonist disaster Disco discord Discworld disease disposable genitals Distance distractions District 7 disturbing disturbing themes diversion divination divine protagonist divorce djibouti DNA DNA Tribute Speed-IF dnd dnd game dungeon dndbbs doas doctor Doctor Who documentary dog dogs doll dolls dolphin domestic domestic violence Don Juan don't go in here expecting some asimov shit Donald donkey dont try this at home Doomsday doors doppelganger dos DOS prompt Douglas Adams Dove downbeat Dracolich Dracula draft dragon Dragon 32 Dragon 64 dragon age DragonComp dragons drama drawing drawings dread DreadXP dream dream sequence Dream State Zero Dreamcast dreaming dreams dredging drink drink stall assistant drinking drowning drug abuse drug mention drug references drug use drugs druid Drumpf dryad duck ducks duct tape dueling dungeon dungeon crawl dungeon crawler dungeon-crawl dungeons Dungeons & Dragons dungeons and dragons Dunsanian Dunsany duplicate duplicate page dvr dwarf dynamic dynamic fiction dynamic map dysfunctional families Dyson sphere dysphoria dystopia dystopian e-mail Each-uisge Eamon Eamon CS Eamon Deluxe Eamon Deluxe 5.0 Eamon Remastered Early Inform Early Morning East Asian setting Easter easter egg eastern Europe Eastgate Systems easy easytofollow eat eater eating disorders eating rice and reflecting on life ebook ecd ecdy ecdycis ecdysis ecdysis game ecology economy ecphrasis EctoComp Ectocomp 2007 Ectocomp 2008 Ectocomp 2009 ectocomp 2010 Ectocomp 2011 Ectocomp 2012 EctoComp 2013 EctoComp 2014 EctoComp 2015 EctoComp 2016 EctoComp 2017 ectocomp 2018 Ectocomp 2019 ECTOComp 2020 ECTOCOMP 2021 ECTOCOMP 2022 ECTOCOMP 2023 Ectocomp game Edgar Allan Poe Educación education educational edutainment eerie EFL egg Egypt Egyptology Eighties ekphrasis elderly protagonist eldritch Eldritch Games election election day Electronic Arts elementary school elements elephants elevator elf elit eliterature ELIZA Elizabethan ellythementalward Emacs Lisp source available email email harvesting Emily emo emo violence emoji emoticons emotion emotional emotional abuse EMP empty empty text adventure enciclopedia end of the world endgame endings endless endling ENGL 303 England english English parser enhanced interface EnigMarch Enix Corporation Enormous entertainment EnvComp environment Ephemeral epic Epic Poetry episode episodes episodic epistolary Epyx Equestria erasure Erins Winner erotic erotic hypnosis erotica errors escape escape game escape room escape the room escape-the-room ESL español Esperanto espionage esports Essay Eternauta etheri ethical dilemma ethics etiquette Europe eurpoe EVE Online Evelyn Grey even better than Family Guy event evil evil bodybuilders evil protagonist evolution evolve evolving ex-boyfriend examining excerpt Exclusive Software execution exhibit exhibition existential existential dread existentialism existentialist exorcism experience Experiment experimental experimental fiction experimental puzzle experimentation experiments explicit violence exploration exploratory explorer exploring expression exquisite corpse extra long extraterrestrials eye eyepatch eyes eyesore F/F f2m faab Fable facebook fae faerie faery failed EctoComp fairies fairy fairy tale fairy tales fairytale Fallen London Fallen London content Fallout false ending familiar family family friendly family schism family-friendly famines fan fiction fan game fan games fan made fancy fandom fanfic fanfiction fangame fantasy fantasy violence far-future Farce farm farm house fascism fashion faster fate faust faux russian fav FB fear fear of twine feeding Feel Good feelie feelie map feelies feelies better than game feeling feline felines felt animals female female protagonist female protagonists female romance option female-protagonist femdom feminisation feminism Feminist Feminization ferret festival fetish fey Ficciones del Multiverso ficción hipertextual explorativa FICOMP 2007 FICOMP 2011 fiction fictional nation fictionnal nation field fifteen puzzle fight fighting Fighting Fantasy filling film film noir film references final finance Finish A Game Jam Finland fire fire tower firefly fireman firemen firmament first day first draft first effort First game first person first person plural First World problem first world war fish fish protagonist fishery fishing Five Ways Software fivedials flagstones Flash flash fiction flash if flashback flashbacks flashing flashing images flashlight flatland flawed flesh flies flight floppy diskette Florence Florida flowers fluff Fluffy flying FM-7 fog folk folk stories folk story folk tale folklore folklore character folktale food food puzzle football footnotes footwear forbidden love Forced forced input foreign language Foreign relations Forense Forest former commercial Forth source available Fortran FORTRAN source available forums found family fourth wall fr fractal frame story frame-story francais France freak freaky free free chapters free software free to play freeform input freemium freestyle category freeuse freeuse themed freezing French French Comp 2005 French Comp 2006 French Comp 2007 French Comp 2008 French Comp 2011 French Comp 2013 French Comp 2015 French Comp 2016 French Comp 2018 french comp 2019 french comp 2020 French game french language French Revolution French SpeedIF frequently frequently updated Fridge friendly parser friends friendship FRISE frog Froggy Software frogs frore frown fruit Frustration ftm full length full screen full-length Fun Fun focused funeral funhouse funny funny business furies furry futurama future future tense futurism futuristic Fuzzy g*** Gaben GAC gadgets GAGS GAGS source available galaxy galileo Galleon Galorelike Gambling game game adaptation Game does exist game doesn't exist game goodies game jam Game no longer exists Game no longer playable game source NOT actually available game within a game game-based language learning gamebook GameBoy GameBoy Advance GameDev Games games click games clicker games clickers gamification gaming gang gangs garbage garden garden gnome gardens Gargoyle Games gas station gay gay protagonist gay relationship gay/queer protagonist GDC gender gender change gender choice Gender choicee gender freedom gender identity gender neutral protagonist gender-choice gender-neutral gender-neutral NPC gender-neutral NPCs gender-neutral protagonist genderless genderless protagonist genderqueer generally unobjectionable generated content generative AI genetics genie genocide genre shift gentrification geocaching Geography geometry george orwell german German Grand Prix 2010 Germany GerX getting off work GGJ GGJ2019 ghost ghost hunt ghost ship Ghostbusters ghosts giant giants GIFC gift gifts gilgamesh Gilsoft girls love glastonbury glitch Global Game Jam Global Game Jam 2014 Global Software globalgamejam glovemaking glulx gluttony gnoll gnome gnomes goal-seeking characters goalless goats goblin goblins God god-like PC godot gods Godwin's law going home gold gold coins Golden Banana of Discord winner golem golf goncharov good good coding Good for Beginners good protagonist good time good times goodbye Google google form google forms gore gorilla gothic gothic horror gothic romance gotv government GPL gps GPT-2 graded success gradients Graduate Theological Union graffiti writing grand guignol grandparents graphic graphic adventure graphic novella graphic scenes of violence graphic violence graphics graphomania grass grateful dead gratuitous violence grave-digging graveyard gray legal status great greece Greek greek mythology Grenouille grief grimdark Grinding grizzly grocery store grooming Gross groundhog groundhog day growing growing pains growing up grue gruescript Gruescript source available GUEmap guess-the-verb guided maze Guild of Thieves guilt guilt trip gummy bears gumshoe gun guns guy guy protagonist H. P. Lovecraft Commonplace Book Project H.G. Wells h.p. lovecraft hack hacker hacking Haight Ashbury haiku Hainamana hair Half life 3 confirmed half-demon Halloween hallucinations Hallydia Hamlet hampstead hamster hand drawn art handwriting Hanferd Hangman hangover hanone Happy hard sf hard-boiled harem Harlowe Harry Potter hashpotatoes interactive Haskell hats haunted haunted home haunted house Haunted House Jam haunting hauntings Hawaii Hayden Software hazing headphones health health inspector Heart's Choice heartbreak heartburn hearts Heaven hedgehog Hegel heights Heiress Software heist Hell Hello Kitty Helloween Hercules hermaphrodite hermaphroditism hero heroic Hewson Consultants hidden content hiding high school high score list high society high-contrast higher education HighlandComp highly branching hiking Hill MacGibbon Hillary Hindu mythology hint cat hint system hints hiperficción hipertexto hipertextual historical historical fiction historical reference historical remarks historical setting History HITLER hobbes hobo Holderlin Holiday Holiday Theme HOLIDAYS hollow hollywood holocaust homage home home sweet home home-schooling homebrew homelessness Homer homesickness homestuck Homo Perfectus homophobia homosexual homosexual protagonist homosexuality homunculi homunculus Honesty honey honeymoon honeypot Hong Kong Horizon horoscope Horrible Horrible game sorry horror horror short art 2012 horse horses hospital hospital setting hosted hosted games hostile NPC hot bods hot coffee hotel Hourglass Competition 2006 house House Setting how to be a complete bastard howler howlers html html 5 html5 hubris Hugo Hugo source available Hull human human nature human rights humor humorous humour Hungarian Hunger hunt hunter hunting Hurricane hygiene hyperfiction hyperinflation hyperlinks hyperstory hypertext hypertext-like hyphenless hypocrisy hypothetical I I wrote it I5 source available I6 Platypus library I6 source available I7 source available I7 Source Code icarly icbm ice ice cream Ice Guardian icom mac-venture icon identity identity politics ideology idle game IF IF Advent Calendar IF Art Show IF Art Show 1 IF Art Show 2 IF Art Show 2000 IF Art Show 2001 IF Art Show 2003 IF Art Show 2004 IF Art Show 2007 IF Art Show Spring 1999 IF Art Show Summer 1999 if community references IF Comp 2010 IF Comp 2011 IF Competition 1995 IF Competition 1996 IF Competition 1997 IF Competition 1998 IF Competition 1999 IF Competition 2000 IF Competition 2001 IF Competition 2002 IF Competition 2003 IF Competition 2004 IF Competition 2005 IF Competition 2006 IF Competition 2007 IF Competition 2008 IF Competition 2009 IF Competition 2012 IF Competition 2013 IF Grand Prix 2014 IF references if system IF trope references IF Whispers if-parody IFBeginnersComp IFComp 2014 IFComp 2015 IFComp 2016 IFComp 2017 IFComp 2018 IFComp 2019 IFComp 2020 IFComp 2021 IFComp 2022 IFComp 2023 ifcomp 22 IFComp Game IFComp Winner IFDB tags contain spoilers IFLibrary competition 2002 IFLibrary competition 2003 illegal illegal activity illness illumination illusions illustrated illustrations image images imaginary games jam Imaginative Systems immersive Immigrants immigration immortals imp implied violence imposter imposter syndrome imprisonment improv in game chat in progress in-app purchases inanimate protagonist inc Incentive Software incest Included on Activison Masterpieces CD incomplete indea independent npcs india Indiana Jones indie indigo Indonesia industrial espionage industrial revolution inequality infiltration infinite score Infocom Infocom related Inform Inform 5 Inform 6 Inform 7 Inform source available Inform/Z inform7 Inglish inherited disease inhibition injury Ink inkjam inkJam 2023 inkjam entry inkjam2019 inkle inklewriter Inklewriter\ inline expansion inn inner struggle innovative interface Innsmouth insane asylum insanity insect NPC insectophobia insects inside baseball inside joke InsideADRIFT End of Year Comp 2005 InsideADRIFT Summer Comp 2008 InsideADRIFT Summer Competition 2010 insights insomnia inspiration inspirational Inspired by George Orwell installation instant messaging INSTEAD source code available instructional insulting Integration intellectual intelligence intelligent pig intense interaction interactive interactive drawing interactive fiction Interactive Fiction Top 50 Interactive Fiction Top 50 2011 Interactive Fiction Top 50 2015 Interactive Fiction Top 50 2019 Interactive Fiction Top 50 2023 interactive film interactive narrative interactive novel Interactive Short Fiction Competition interactive story Interactive Technology interactive text interactive-fiction intergalactic intern internet internet culture Interplay interpreter interrogation intersign interstellar interview intrigue intro IntroComp IntroComp 2002 IntroComp 2003 IntroComp 2004 IntroComp 2005 IntroComp 2006 IntroComp 2007 IntroComp 2008 IntroComp 2009 introcomp 2012 Introcomp 2013 IntroComp 2014 Introcomp 2015 Introcomp 2017 Introcomp 2020 IntroComp completed Introductory introspective Inuit invention inventor inventory inventory limit inventory puzzle investigate investigating investigation investigation of human mind invisible links Io iOS iOS8 Iraq Irish mythology ironic Irony IRS agent is isekai Islam island islands isolation Italian italian translation Italy itch itchio Ivan Ivandesnouilles Jack Parsons JACL JACL source available jail jam James Bond Japan japanese Japanese kana parser japanese mythology Japanese parser Java Java source available javascript JavaScript source available jaws jayne jealousy Jerusalem jesse Jesus jetpack jewish jigsaw jimi hendrix jivetalk joan of arc job job hunting job interview joke joke game Jonah journal journalism journey Judaism judgemental judgment julius caesar jump jungle Jupiter jury jury service just here for funsies justice kaballah kaiju KAOS karma Karmic Shift Studios katana kebab kelpie key-pooping creature keyword keyword parser kickstarter kid kid-friendly kidnapping kids kids children killer kind kindle kinetic king King Arthur king john kingdom Kingdom Mangement kings kissing kitten kiwi kleptomania Klick of the Month Klub klockwerk knife knight knights knives Kopenhagen korea Krell Software kusoge L Ron Hubbard La Comp Más Monstruosa 2008 La Fontaine La Petite Mort label qualité Mimesis laboratory laboratory setting Labour labratory labratory setting lake Lake District lands of dream landscape landscape mode language language learning Languages lantern large large language model last lousy point last mail Late Harvest Lathe of Heaven Latin Latter-day Saint laundry law Lawetlat'la Lazy Lazy Jones LCD LD32 LD48 LDR Le Grand Guignol Leadership learn learn by dying learning lecturing legal Legend Legend Entertainment Lemon Demon lesbian lesbians Let's Play letter letters Level 9 lewd lewdness setting lewis carroll LGBT lgbt themes LGBTQ LGBTQ+ LGBTQA+ lgbtqia LGBTQIA+ libraries library Libya Lich lies Life light light puzzles lighthearted lighthouse Lighthouse Mystery lightyear Limericks liminal liminal spaces limited limited verbs linear linguistics Linux lion Lions! lipstick list Listing literacy literary literary adaptation literary adaption Literary Intelligence literary reference literature live Lixa lizard lizards llamas lobster lockdown locked logic logic puzzles London loneliness lonely long long form long poem long-form longest twine lonliness loop loop day loot Lore loss lost lost media lost treasure Louisiana lounge lounge singer love love and leases Lovecraft Lovecraftian Lovecraftian monstrosities Lovecraftian parody Low Fantasy LUAL Games lucha Lucid Lucid Dream lucid dreaming luckiest man ludum dare Ludum Dare 26 ludum dare 29 ludum dare 30 ludum dare 33 Ludum Dare 41 Ludum Dare 43 ludum dare 53 luminosity lunch money lurking lycanthrope lycanthropy Lying lyss lyssa M2F Mac macabre Macintosh MacOS mad science mad scientist made in one day madness mafia mage magellan mages magic Magic Disk magic door Magic Realism magic system magic tricks magic-object magical girl magical grammar magical realism magical stone magician magicians Magnetic Scrolls magpie Magx source available mail mainframe makers local makers local 256 makerslocal makeup making coffee making out malachy male male fantasy male love interest male protagonist male romance option maledom mall management Mandarin Software manga manhunt manic Manichaeism mansion Manuel Sauceverde many authors map MAPPER source available mapping maps marijuana marital harmony marital relationships maritime Mark Eaton marketing Markt & Technik Marooned marriage Mars martial arts Martian Maryland masochism masque mass npc battle massive Mastertronic material science math mathematics maths mating matriarchy matrix mature themes Maurice mayhem mayors maze mazes mc MCDream meaning meaningful choices meaningful-choices mech mecha mechanic mechanical turk Mechanics mechanics-based Mecklenbug-Vorpommern Med Systems Software media medical medical abuse medical doctor protagonist medical inaccuracy medicine medieval medium medium length medium length' mega 65 MEGA65 melancholy Melbourne House melodrama melon meme memorable npc memorable npcs memorial Memories memory memory edge disorder memory test mental mental health mental illness menu-based merciful Mercury mermaid Mert Messenger meta meta-game metafiction metagame metaphor metaphysical metaphysics metapuzzle metapuzzle2011 metareference Mexico MI6 mice MICRO Micro Cabin MicroHobby Micromega Microworld Adventure Middle Ages Middle Canada Middle East middle-age Middle-earth middleschool midlife crisis midnight midwestern gothic Milan mild cruelty to animals mild horror mild innuendo mild profanity mild violence mildly kinky military milk milk advocacy Milliken Publishing Company million mimesis mind mind control mind reading mindless Mindscape Miners Minform Mini Mini games Mini-comp Mini-IF miniature protagonist minigame minigames minimal Minimalism minimalist minor flashing graphics Minotaur miracle mirror mirrors miserable misplaced Miss Congeniality Winner missing missing images missing people mississippi Missouri mistery Mistry MIT MIT license MLM mmorpg mobile mobile friendly mobile-friendly MochiMedia Jan 2010 mock modem modern modern day modern life modern ruins moiki Mom moments out of time monastery money mongoose monk monkey monkey island monkeys monster monster girl monster protagonist monster raising monsters Montenegro monty python humour moody moon Moonbase 3 moose moral moral choice moral dilemma moralistic morality mormon Mosaic Publishing most mother mother protagonist Mother's Day Motherhood moths moulin Mount Muckerton mountain mourning mouse over mouseover enhancements mouseovers moustache movie movie references movie tie-in Moving moving NPC MS-DOS MST3K MSX MSX 1 MSX 2 mtf MuCho mud MUDlike muerte multi media multi-ending multicolor links multilingual multimedia multiplayer multiple authors multiple choice multiple choices Multiple clubfloyd transcripts Multiple Coice multiple ending multiple endings multiple languages multiple narrators multiple NPCs multiple paths multiple playable characters multiple players multiple pov multiple protaganists multiple protaginists multiple protagonists multiple saves multiple solutions multiple-choices multiple-endings multipleendings multiplestories multiverse Mummy Munich murder murder mystery murder-mystery Museum mushrooms music music references musical Mustang Ranch Mustard mutants mutation mute protagonist muzac my flat My Little Pony myopic protagonist myst Mystery Mystery House-like Mystery of the Dark Manor mystery room bangalore mystic mysticism myth Mythological mythology mythopoeic múltiples finales nail polish naked twine jam nameable protagonist Nanocomps 1 Nanocomps 2 Nanocomps 3 NaNoRenO NarraScope 2020 Game Jam narrativa narrative narrative fiction native American natural language nature nature's wrath nausea nautical nautical directions Nautilus naval navel gazing navigation puzzle Nazis Neanderthals necromancer necromancy necrophilia negative campaigning neo twiny jam neon neopets netherworld never ending neverending new new mexico new orleans new weird new year New Year's Speed new years New York New Zealand newbie-friendly newsgame newspaper nform 7 nicolas cage Nietzsche night night atmosphere nightclub nightclub setting NightFloyd transcript nightmare nightmare fuel nighttime nihilism ninja Ninjas Nintendo DS No Bunnies no downlaods required No Download no end no EXAMINE no inventory no NPCs no parser no PC no restart no romance no saves no score no sound no undo noble noir non human protagonist non linear non violent story non-binary protagonist non-binary romance option non-chronological non-digital non-fiction non-human npcs non-human player non-human protagonist non-interactive non-linear non-narrative non-standard geography non-verbal protagonist nonbinary nonbinary protagonist nonexistent nonfiction nongraphic violence nonhuman antagonists nonhuman protagonist nonhuman? my eye noninteractive nonlinear nonsensical nonstandard nonstandard directions nonverbal protagonist Norse Norwegian nosferatu nostalgia not not a game not actually a female protagonist my heterosexist friend! not actually commercial not actually historical not available in German not complete not IF not interactive fiction not playable on mac not so bad its good Not Twine Notre Dame Nouilles Novel novicegame NPC parser npcs nsfw nuclear nuclear disaster nudity nun nunnery nursery rhyme NYC NYOP Obama objectification obnoxious obscene obsession occasional strong language occult occupy OCD ocean Odisea Software Odysseus Oedipus Oedipus Rex of Offensive humor office office setting office work offspring Ogden ogre oil old old boy old film Old School old school; fantasy; mainframe; parser old style old-school Old-style olfactory Olivetti M20 on Jay is Games on rails one button one ending one move One room one room game One Room Game Competition 2005 one room game competition 2006 one turn one-move one-room One-Room Game Competition 2006 One-Room Game Competition 2007 One-Room Game Competition 2008 one-word parser oneiromancy online only bad endings open source open world open-ended opera operating system optimisation puzzle Optional registration Optional romance OR orange orc orcs Oregon organised crime Oric Orient original soundtrack Orléans Ormul orphanage orphans orpheus orwellian OS X Otome ott outdoor outdoors outrigger owl own oxenfree Oxford oxygen Oz pacific northwest pacifism paddling pagan pain painting Pakistan palace Paleolithic Panama pancake pandemic pandemic fiction Panem panzitoum paperblurt papparazzi parallel parallelepipedon paranoia paranormal parasites Parchment parent parent mc parenting parents Paris park park ranger parody parrot parser parser choice hybrid parser coding parser-choice hybrid ParserComp 2015 Parsercomp 2021 ParserComp 2022 ParserComp 2023 parserù Part of a Series part one particle party party planning pascal Pascal source available passing passion past past tense pastor paternoster Patrones & Escondites Paul Young paw PAWS pazzle pbbg pc PC Eamon Museum PC-88 PCjr peculiar pen-and-paper pending pendor penguins Penultimate not numbered Speed IF perfume Perigosan period piece permadeath Perplexity personal personalisation personality test Peru pet Pets Pewdiepie pg pg 13 phallophilia philadelphia philosophical philosophy phoenix Phoenix mainframe Phoenix Software phone photographs photography photos PHP PHP source available physical abuse physical simulation physics pickaxe pickle pickles pickyourpath pictograms picture pictures pie pig pillow pink pipe Piranha Software pirate pirate ship Pirates pirsig pistol Pixel Pixel Art pixies pizza plagiarism plague plain text plan view plan9 Planescape planet planets plant plant protagonist plants plastic platformer Platonic character routes platonic solids platypi plauges play play by tweet play once play online playable offline Played Player character customization player choices playfic playing plot Plus/4 Plus4 pnjs pnws poc poc protagonist pocket watch podcasts poe poem poem collection poems poetic poetry point and click point-and-click point-and-click adventure poison pokemon poker Poland polar station Polarware polemic police police brutality police cover up policy political political intrigue politician politics polka dots pollution polyamory polynesia pond Pond Soft ponies pony Pool poop pop pop art pop-culture references popularisation porn porn star pornography port portrait Portugal Portuguese possession post apocalyptic post-apocalypse post-apocalyptic post-IF post-modern post-singularity postapocalypse posthuman postmortem potentially offensive content potion pov poveglia island Powerfist Licenceware powers prayer pre-teen pregnancy Prehistoric prehistory Premio Avventura dell'Anno Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2000 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2001 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2002 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2003 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2004 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2005 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2006 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2008 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2009 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2010 Premios Hispanos a la Aventura 2011 Première prequel preschool present present tense present-day Presentation preview pride primitive parser prince princess princesses print prison privacy private private detective Private Dick private investigator procedural procedural generation procedural text generation procgen procrastination product placement Proein Soft Line profane profanity profantiy profeta programming prohibition project prom prompted conversation propaganda prophecy prose prose poetry prostitution protagonist protagonist selection protection protest protests prototype pseudo-old-school PSP psychedelic psychiatry psychic psycho psychological psychological horror Psychopaths psychosis puberty Public Domain public transport Published 1979 Published 1980 Published 1981 Published 1982 Published 1983 Published 1984 Published 1985 Published 1986 Published 1987 Published 1988 Published 1989 Published 1990 Published 1991 Published 1992 Published 1993 Published 1995 Published 1996 Published 1998 Published 2000 Published 2001 Published 2002 Published 2003 Published 2006 Published 2007 Published 2008 Published 2009 Published 2010 Published 2011 Published 2012 Published 2013 Published 2014 Published 2015 Published 2016 Published 2017 Published 2018 Published 2019 Published 2020 Published 2021 Published 2022 Published 2023 publishing pulp pulpy pumpkin pumpkins punk punny puns PunyInform PunyInform source available punyjam PunyJam #2 PunyJam #3 PunyJam #3 Entry PunyJam#2 puppets puppy puppy NPC purgatory purple prose puzzle puzzle combat Puzzle Fest puzzle heavy puzzle-driven puzzlefest puzzleless puzzles puzzlescript puzzless pyp pyramid pyramids Pythagoras python QB45 qb64 qbasic qte quality-based narrative Quandary quarantine Quasimodo quasit quasits queen queer queerness quest Quest 5 Quest for Seven Spheres Quest source available questions quests quick quick games quick play quick time events Quixe quiz quotations rabbi rabbit raccoon raccoons race racism raconteur radio radiohead radios railroad rain Rainbird Rainbird Software rainbow Rambo ramen Ramus random random combat random generation randomized rape rape references rat rat race rats RC2014 read my mind reading ready-player-one real life real time real-time real-time delays realism realistic realistic fiction reality television reality tv realtime rebellion recess recommended for beginners recommended for children recovery Recreational Drugs recursive exploration red dress red eye reddit redlac refined over time reflection reflections refugee regrets reincarnation relateable Relational Systems relationship relationships relative directions relative navigation Relaxing religion religious religious horror remake remastered reminiscences remorse remote control Ren'Py Renaissance renpy repetition replay replay puzzle replayability replayable repossession Repressed republic require manual research Resist Jam resistjam resource management respect ressurecction restart restaurant restaurant setting restricted parser restrictive parser resume resurrection retirement retro retro-machines retrospective revenge reverse horror reverse video Review rhode island RHPS rhymes richard goodness Richard Shepherd Software riddle riddles rider riders ridiculous RISC OS RiscOS ritual rituals river river styx Road Trip roadtrip Robert Howard Robin Hood robot robot sidekick roboticization robots Robyn Saga Rod Serling rogue roguelike rol role role playing role-play role-playing roleplay roleplaying roleplaying game rollercoaster romance romance option Romans romantic romantic comedy romanticism rome room room escape room-name room-name navigation roshambo royalism royalty RPCEmu Emulator rpg RPG elements rpg maker RPGgeek RPGmakerVX rubrication Rue ruinjam rules Rum RUNDSOFT rural rusalka rusalki Russia Russian RVExpo S.A.G.A. sacrifice sad sadism sadness safari setting sailing Sailor sailors Saint-Florent-le-Vieil SAL salami Salty Software Sam Coupe sample game samurai San Francisco sand sandbox sandman SANTA sarcasm sasquatch satanic satantic satire Halloween Competition 2009 sauna sausage save the world saveable saves scarabee scars Scarsdale scary scatological scavenger hunt scene scent scheduling schizophrenia school school setting sci fi sci-fi science science fantasy science fiction science-fiction sciencefiction scientific experimentation scientists Scientology scifi score score based score-based scoreless scorpion Scotland scots Scottish Scottish politics scouting SCREAM JAM 2022+1 script script errors scroller scrying sculpture sea sea creatures sea monster sea monsters search search engine seashore season Seasonal Seattle second person second person plural second world war second-person secret secret agent secret message secret mission secret passages secret police Secrets seduction seedcomp SeedComp23 seeking SegmentComp SEL selectable answers self discovery self esteem self harm self-care self-harm self-mutilation self-referential selkies seltani semi-horror senryu sensational senseless sensory sentient computer sequel sequence puzzles serial killer serialized series serious serious games service station Setanta Seurat references Seventh-Day Adventist sex sex change sex ed sexism sexual sexual abuse sexual assault sexual coercion sexual content sexual harassment sexual innuendo sexual references sexual themes sexual violence sexuality sexuality choice sf sfx shadow shadows Shakespeare shapeshift shapeshifting share shareware shark sheep shelter shemale Sheriff sherlock sherlock holmes shinto magic ship ship wreck ships shoegazing shoes shooting shopping shops short short fiction short game short games short if short length short narrative short story shortcuts shuffle fiction ShuffleComp ShuffleComp: Disc 2 sibling siblings side quest sidekick NPC sidhe Sierra On-Line sign language Silicon Beach Software Silicon Software silk silly silver bullet Silversoft sim Simon & Schuster simple simulation simulation argument simulation hypothesis simulationist puzzles simulator Sinclair Sinclair QL Singapore singing single choice jam single command single move single puzzle single room single-player Single-room singularity sinister butler siren sirens Sirius Software Sissy Sissyfication sister sisterhood sitting simulator Situationism Skateboard skeleton skeletons skipping school skull skunk ape Sky Skype slapstick slasher slaughter slavery slavic Slavic folklore sleep sleeping sleeping beauty sleepless sleepover slice of life slice-of-life slick sliders slideshow sliding Slovak slow small small house small map small town smartphone smell smile smoking SmoochieComp SMS snail mail snake snakes snark snarky snow snow storm Snow White Snowman so bad its good soap opera SoCal soccer social social anxiety social commentary social coordination social justice social media social networks social politics socialize Sociopath Socrates soda Softdisk 137 Softdisk 152 Softdisk 156 Softdisk 159 SoftSide Softside Publications Softworks AGT competition 1986 Softworks AGT competition 1988 Softworks AGT competition 1989 Softworks AGT competition 1990 Softworks AGT competition 1991 Softworks AGT competition 1992 Softworks AGT competition 1993 solarpunk soldiers solemn somekidwithhtml song song references songbird soothing sorcerer Sorceress sorcery sorting hat branching soul souldepthsint soulmates sound sound effects sound fx sound puzzle soundtrack soundtrack music source source available source better than game Source Code South America Southern Southern Gothic Southwest soviet Soviet Union spa space space adventure space opera space probe space proble space ship space station space travel spaceship spaceship setting Spain Spam Spanish Spanish available Spanish Minicomps 1 Spanish Minicomps 2 Spanish Minicomps 2005 sparse implementation special special inheritance spectacle Spectral Associates Spectrum Spectrum +3 Spectrum Next speculative speculative fiction speech speech impediment speed speed date speed IF Speed IF Let's Make a Nightmare Speed-IF Speed-IF -1 Speed-IF 10^-9 Speed-IF 11 Speed-IF 12 Speed-IF 13 Speed-IF 14 Speed-IF 15 Speed-IF 16 Speed-IF 17 Speed-IF 18 Speed-If 19 Speed-IF 20 Speed-IF 2000 Speed-IF 2001 Speed-IF 5th Anniversary Speed-IF 7 Speed-IF 8 Speed-IF 9 Speed-IF >= 20 Speed-IF Argonaut Speed-IF Autocratic Fist Speed-IF Century Speed-IF Copyright Speed-If Crinkle-Cut Speed-IF EXTREME Speed-IF Gruff Speed-IF Halloween 2002 Speed-If Jacket Speed-IF Jacket 2 Speed-IF Jacket 3 Speed-IF Late Speed-IF Neologism Speed-IF O Speed-IF of Destiny Speed-IF Orange Speed-IF Pi-Theta-Aleph-Parallax Speed-IF Scenario 1 Speed-IF Schmeed-IF Speed-If Spring Training Speed-IF That Dare Not Speak Its Number Speed-IF Third Anniversary Speed-IF ToasterComp II Speed-IF U Speed-IF Without Number Speed-IF XYZZY Speed-IF Y Speed-IF y=1/x Speed-IF Zombie SpeedApocalypse speedboat speedif SpeedIF 1 SpeedIf 2 SpeedIF 3 SpeedIF 4 SpeedIF 5 SpeedIF 5.5 SpeedIF 6 SpeedIF April 2000 SpeedIF April 2001 SpeedIF April 2002 SpeedIF April 2003 SpeedIF April 2004 SpeedIF April 2008 SpeedIF April 2011 SpeedIF August 2000 SpeedIF August 2001 SpeedIF August 2005 SpeedIF August 2007 SpeedIF December 1998 SpeedIF December 1999 SpeedIF December 2001 SpeedIF December 2002 SpeedIF December 2007 SpeedIF December 2008 SpeedIF February 2002 SpeedIF February 2004 SpeedIF Jacket 4 SpeedIF January 2000 SpeedIF January 2001 SpeedIF January 2002 SpeedIF January 2003 SpeedIF January 2004 SpeedIF January 2006 SpeedIF July 2000 SpeedIF July 2001 SpeedIF July 2003 SpeedIF July 2004 SpeedIF July 2005 SpeedIF June 2000 SpeedIF June 2001 SpeedIF June 2003 SpeedIF March 2001 SpeedIF March 2002 SpeedIF March 2003 SpeedIF May 2000 SpeedIF May 2001 SpeedIF May 2003 SpeedIF May 2006 SpeedIF May 2008 SpeedIF May 2011 SpeedIF November 1999 SpeedIF November 2001 SpeedIF October 1998 SpeedIF October 2000 SpeedIF October 2002 SpeedIF October 2006 SpeedIF September 1999 SpeedIF September 2001 SpeedIF September 2003 SpeedIF September 2004 spelling spells spelunking sphinx spider spiders spies Spinnaker spirit magic spiritualism spoilers spoken narration spongebob spooky Sport sports Spring Break Spring Thing 2002 Spring Thing 2003 Spring Thing 2005 Spring Thing 2006 Spring Thing 2007 Spring Thing 2008 Spring Thing 2009 Spring Thing 2011 Spring Thing 2012 Spring Thing 2013 Spring Thing 2014 Spring Thing 2015 Spring Thing 2016 Spring Thing 2017 Spring Thing 2018 Spring Thing 2019 Spring Thing 2020 Spring Thing 2021 Spring Thing 2022 Spring Thing 2023 Spring Thing Game Spring Thing Winner spy spying Square SQUARE ENIX Squiffy squire squirrel squirrels St Bride's stabbing STAC stage magic stalker stalking stammering standard difficulty Stanford star trek Star Wars Starbyte starcraft staring stars starter starweaver starweavers stats stealth steam steampunk Stephen King Stiffy Makane still life stolen Stolen Cover Art Stone Age stoner storm story Story based story collection Story Driven story game story rich story-driven Story-rich Storyharp StoryNexus StorySpace storytelling storytime stowaway stranded stranded spaceship puzzle strange strangers strategy stream of consciousness street street art street urchin street-art stress Strokes strong characterization strong language strong npcs strong profanity student project study stuttering style styx sub-q sub-Q magazine sub-q-Sub-Q Magazine submarine Submission subq subQjam 2018 subQjam 2019 suburban Suburbs Subway succubus sudden death suffering Sugarcube suggestive content suicide suicidio suitcase Sukeban Games Summer Summer Camp sunflowers Sunteam Super Eamon super powers super weapons Superhero superheroe superheroes supermarket supernatural supernatural protagonist superpower superpowers supremacy sureal surgery surprisingly not pornographic surprisingly not puzzleless Surreal surrealism surrealist surveillance survey survival Survival Horror survivalvis suspence suspense suspenseful swamp swamp monster Swamp Noir swappable protagonists swashbuckling violence swashcomp swearing swears Sweden Swedish sweet Swimming Swimming Pool swollen member sword sword & planet sword and sorcery sword-fighting swords sympathetic characters Synapse synesthesia Syria systematic puzzles T T.A.G. T/SAL source available TAB tablet tabletop tacos tactics tactile TADS tads 2 TADS 3 TADS2 source available TADS3 TADS3 (adv3lite) TADS3 source available tag Taiwan tale Talent Computer Systems tales talking mirror talp talp21 talp22 talp23 Tandy Corporation tanis tanka TAPLO tarot tarot cards tasteless tasty taxi tea teacher teaching tearjerker tears technocracy technology teen Teen Comedy teen fiction teen protagonist teenage protagonist teenager teenagers Telarium TelegramComp telenovela telepathy telephone telescopic descriptions television Television based Tell4Play telltalestyle TematiComps 2001 TematiComps 2002 TematiComps 2005 Temple Tension tentacles terraforming terran terror Terrorism terse Test test as premise tetherball texas text text adventure text adventure engine Text Adventure Literacy Jam text adventurer protagonist text adventures text based text effects text in pictures text wall text-based text-only Textfire demo Grand Prix 2002 Grand Prix 2003 Grand Prix 2004 Grand Prix 2005 Grand Prix 2006 Grand Prix 2010 Textfyre texting Textpäckchen texture TextureWriter tg thalassophobia thanatos thanksgiving Thanksgiving Speed-IF thankyou the the devil the doctor did it the ecdysis The fourth 24 Hours of Inform The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy The Indigo New Language Speed IF The Knot the leviathan The Mary Celeste the Netherlands The Next Adventure Jam the ocean The Odd Competition The Odyssey the perils of litter the quill The Twilight Zone theater theatre therapist therapy thespians They Might Be Giants thief thin Things Things Which Are Also Blue third dare third person this This is a unique tag threaded three little pigs Three Sigma thriller throwback TI-84+CE calculator TI-99/4A TI/99-4A Tianjin tic-tac-toe TIC80 tickling tie-in tiempo TIGSource time time travel time cave time cave branching time choices time limit time loop time travel Time Traveller time-out Timed timed input timed puzzle timeline timelines Tin Man Games tinder Tiny Utopias Jam Titanic title is specific time Titre temporaire tlaotl ToasterComp tobiassvenblad toilet toilet humor toilet humour toki pona Tokyo Tolkien Tolkienesque tomato surprise tomb tongue-in-cheek Top Ten Software Topologika torch effect Toronto tortoise torture touch-friendly touchscreen Tour tourism towel tower Tower of Hanoi Town news toxic relationship toy trade traditional tragedy trailer train training Trains trans trans love interest trans protagonist transcript transformation transgender transgressive transhumanism transit translated in Italian translation translation available translations translator transmasc transphobia trapped traps trash Trauma travel travelogue travesty treason treasure treasure hunt Treasure Hunt Jam Treasures trein triangle of identities tribute trick or treat trick or treating Trillium trilogy trip tripods trippy trivia trizbort map troll trolley problem trolls tropical island TRS CoCo TRS-80 TRS-80 MC-10 trucker true story Trump trust truth ttwine tudor Tumblr Tundra Turin turkey turkish turn limit turn-based combat turn-based combats tutorial tutorial mode tv twie TWIFcomp Twilight Zone twin peaks twine twine game Twine source available Twine source code available twine story Twine2 twinery twins Twiny Jam twinyjam twist twitter two mirrors reflecting each other two-player two-word parser type-in game type-in listing Typescript source available typewriter effect typing effect Táin Bó Cúalnge U.S. Gold Ubi soft Ubud ucb ufo ugly UK ultimate ending Ultrasoft unavailable undead undead protagonist underappreciated underground underground cave underwall underwater underworld undo undum Undum source available unemployment unexpected chocolate Unfinishable unfinished unfortunate erection unicorn unique United States Unity unity3d universe university Unix unixarcade unknown author unknown world unlockable chapters unlockable ending unluckiest man unmnemonic unmotivated Unnkulia unplayable unreality Unreliable Narrator unrequited love unscientific fiction unseen NPC unstable truth unsurprisingly pornographic Unusual format unusual narrator unusual status line Unwinnable unworldly up update updated updates uploaded in current state to show to friends/coworkers uppers urban urban comedy urban fantasy urban legend urban legends Ursula Le Guin usa Usborne user generated content USSR utilitarianism utopia Utrecht V Mini Comp vacation valentine's day valhalla Valve vampire vampires Vancouver vanity project variable final score varytale Vatican City VC-20 vehicle vehicles Venice Venus verb noun verbal abuse Verbose verity v verse versificator 2 Versu very brief very short very visual VGG VIC-20 Victor Hugo Victoria Victorian victorian era video videogames vignette vikings Vimeo vintage vintage game vintage story violence violent Virgin Games virtual reality virtual reality setting virtual world vision Visual visual basic Visual C++ visual novel visual puzzle Visual SINTAC source available vlinks voice voice acting voice input voiceover volcano voodoo Vorple Vorple source available voting voyeurism Vulcan vulgar w40k wacky aunt wacky uncle wacky wizard wait waiting wake up walk walking simulator walkthrough WalkthroughComp Wander war wargame Warhammer warlock Warrior Warsaw wasps Water water weird we weather web web based Web-Based webcomic wedding weed week weird weird fiction well written Weltenschmiede werewolf werewolves Westchester western whaling what what if Wheat whedonverse whimsy Whiskey white white house who who did it whodunit wholesome why Wife Wigan wiki Wikipedia wild west Wilderness will Will to Consciousness win by quitting wind Windham Classics windmill Windows Wine Winner of a comp Winnie-the-Pooh winter wip wireless Wireless radio witch witch protagonist witchcraft witches Withdrawn IFComp Game witty wizard wizards wlatc wlw Wodehouse wolf WOLF RPG Editor Contest 14 Wolfman wolves woman protagonist women women in history Women's Solidarity Wonderland Woods woopin' word clouds word games word puzzle word-game wordplay Work workday working working class workplace world world building world map World of Warcraft World War I World War II Worldscape wrestling writer writer protagonist writing writing game writing process written WTF wumpus ww2 x-trek xenophilia Xhoromag XVIIIth century Xyzzy Awards 1996 Xyzzy Awards 1997 Xyzzy Awards 1998 Xyzzy Awards 1999 Xyzzy Awards 2000 Xyzzy Awards 2001 Xyzzy Awards 2002 Xyzzy Awards 2003 Xyzzy Awards 2004 Xyzzy Awards 2005 Xyzzy Awards 2006 Xyzzy Awards 2007 Xyzzy Awards 2008 Xyzzy Awards 2009 Xyzzy Awards 2010 Xyzzy Awards 2011 Xyzzy Awards 2012 Xyzzy Awards 2013 Xyzzy Awards 2014 Xyzzy Awards 2015 Xyzzy Awards 2016 Xyzzy Awards 2017 Xyzzy Awards 2018 XYZZY Best Game XYZZY Best Implementation XYZZY Best Individual NPC XYZZY Best Individual PC XYZZY Best Individual Puzzle XYZZY Best NPCs XYZZY Best Puzzles XYZZY Best Setting XYZZY Best Story XYZZY Best Supplemental Materials XYZZY Best Use of Innovation XYZZY Best Use of Medium XYZZY Best Use of Multimedia XYZZY Best Writing XYZZY Special Recognition Y2K YA yak Yarn ye ar yeast protagonist yes/no choices yeti YKWIM you YouMightBeRetarded young adult young adult protagonist young detective your youtube yuri z-machine z-machine v3 Z-Machine version 1 z5 zany zcode zen zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance Zenobi Software zeppelin zeus ZIL source available zombie Zombie Apocalypse zombies zombies? zoo Zork Zork Implementation Language zorkian Zorkmid zx zx spectrum ZX Spectrum +3 ZX Spectrum Next ZX-81 ZX80

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