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Interactive Fiction by Simon Deimel

Hide a pachyderm!, by Simon Deimel (2014)
(7 ratings)

You know that you are not allowed to keep pets in your apartment. But you could not leave your pet elephant behind when you moved in. And now there is trouble ahead. Story adaption of the old joke....

Enigma, by Simon Deimel (2014)
(20 ratings)
Eyes can see, and a mind can think. Insanity is just one step away. You are in a room. That's where you are, and you know exactly what is going on. But the truth is hard to take. The game file...

Ungodly hour, by Simon Deimel (2013)
(2 ratings)

You wake up in the middle of the night. Was there some sound in your apartment? The sound of footfalls? You feel that something is wrong, so should you dare to explore? By now you are lying in your...

Tower, by Simon Deimel (2014)
(11 ratings)
Out of the blue, and into the blue. And there you are, in a chamber, trying to find out what is going on. Everything is so unreal... what has happened to you? TOWER is a short interactive fiction...

Coin toss, by Simon Deimel (2015)
(7 ratings)
Hanging around with your homie. There is not much to do, or is it? A very short diversion.

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How to say Goodbye in a Pandemic, by MajicKat   May 19, 2020
"This short project in Twine offers some thoughts on losing a loved one during the current crisis. The text is accompanied by graphics and..." - See the full review

The Legend of Wooley Swamp, by Molly Geene (as Elizabeth Jones)   July 20, 2017
"This is a collection of articles on Wooley Swamp. I did not know the corresponding song when I started playing (or let's say reading),..." - See the full review

The Seers Catalogue, by Sean Michaels   June 30, 2017
"The Seers Catalogue is a Twine game of medium length with graphic elements and suitable sound effects. The game has a great atmosphere..." - See the full review

Collision, by Daniel Burchinal   June 29, 2017
"What we have here is merely the introduction to an interactive science fiction story about a stranded space traveller, limited to some..." - See the full review

Would You Survive A Bear Attack?, by ClickHole   June 27, 2017
"I would probably classify this interactive story as a vignette as it is about one situation that you have to deal with -- the attack of a..." - See the full review

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Der kleine Halbling, by Ingo Frick and Frank Gerbig
The Pinecone, by Joseph Pentangelo
Please Answer Carefully, by litrouke
Micropuzzle, by Les Howarth, Gavin Lambert
How to say Goodbye in a Pandemic, by MajicKat

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