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Jim Gerrie. Philosophy professor. Basic programmer.

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Interactive Fiction by jgerrie

Area 51, by Jim Gerrie (2016)
(2 ratings)
Calling all classic IF BASIC game players! I have created a new 10 Line BASIC text adventure for the TRS-80 MC-10 Computer. It is called "AREA51" and can be found in the 4K directory of the JimG...

The Doctor's Adventure on Scaro, by Jim Gerrie (2012)
You’re an inveterate tinkerer. Because you have a Ph.D. in Physics, and also because this is a fact you never hesitate to remind people about, your friends call you "the Doctor." Because of your...

Dungeon, by Jim Gerrie (2006)
This game is based fairly closely on the old basic rules of D&D. On the dungeon screen, red walls definitely contain no secret passages, while the orange walls are ones you haven't searched yet....

Fest Quest, by Jim Enness and Jim Gerrie (2013)
A game made for the annual Coco Fest's held every year in Chicago Developed from "Monster Pit" (for the Sinclair ZX-81) by Jim Enness. You are at the 22nd Annual “Last” Coco Fest (a retrocomputing...

Cave Hunt 3D, by J.T Rawlinson and Jim Gerrie (2007)
A simple but somewhat addictive cave crawl--You find yourself at the center of a dark labyrinth and must find a way out using all of your senses, including hearing (the intensity of the sounds...

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8-Bit Basic games under 20k - 1 vote; created March 31, 2014
I'm looking for the best adventures written in any version of Basic that run on a classic 8-Bit computer such as the TRS-80 Model 1,...

Reviews by jgerrie

The Secret of Flagstone Manor, by Brian J. Betts   February 16, 2020
"The Secret of Flagstone Manor by Brian Betts of Mountain Valley Software is reportedly Australia's first text adventure from 1981. Or so..." - See the full review

The Night of the Vampire Bunnies, by Jason Dyer   February 12, 2020
"There is a text adventure program that I have been wanting to complete for a long time. It's by Jason Dyer. The name of the game, "The..." - See the full review

The Vespozian Affair, by Keith Campbell   March 2, 2019
"The Basic source code from the Sinclair Spectrum that I worked from to port this game to the TRS-80 MC-10 was very buggy and unwinnable...." - See the full review

The Bianco Mansion, by Clive Gifford   February 20, 2019
"I stumbled upon a text adventure in a PDF of a book on the Color Computer Archive. I couldn't find any information about it on any of the..." - See the full review

Pharaoh's Curse, by Tim Koonce   July 24, 2017
"This program, written in BASIC for the TRS-80 Color Computer (Coco) and now ported by me to the Coco's little brother system, the MC-10,..." - See the full review

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Pirate Island, by David Meny
Sirius Adventure, by Mladen Bauk
The Secret of Flagstone Manor, by Brian J. Betts
The Vespozian Affair, by Keith Campbell
The Six Keys of Tangrin, by Geoff M. Phillips

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Time Travelers, by Ann B. Mayeux
Manticore: An MS 8k BASIC Adventure, by Anonymous and Jon Bradbury
Madhouse, by Anonymous
Diamond, by R.P. Willert
The Devil's Dungeon, by C. William Engel

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