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I'm a long-time occasional IF enthusiast, following new releases more closely since the 2012 IFComp. I'm rating enough works that I think I should follow other users in explaining my rating system.

5 stars: An excellent work that I'm likely to remember and enjoy revisiting years later. I don't think any regular IF reader should miss this, and if difficulty isn't a concern, I'll recommend it to non-IFers as an example of the medium. (If this game were an IFComp entry and I could disregard length requirements, I'd rate it as a 10.)
4 stars: Very good, possibly attaining 5-star quality in some areas (writing, world model, etc.). Recommended to all regular IF readers, even those who don't usually appreciate the theme or genre. (IFComp rating 8-9.)
3 stars: Good, possibly with some impressive features. Not essential reading, but recommended unless you dislike the theme or genre. (IFComp rating 6-7.)
2 stars: A work showing noticeable flaws or a relative lack of ambition, but which may still be of interest if you particularly like the theme or genre. (IFComp rating 4-5.)
1 star: A work I feel unable to recommend. (IFComp rating 1-3.)

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