The Price of Freedom

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Episode 1 of The Price of Freedom

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Unambitious first effort, April 18, 2013
by Edward Lacey (Oxford, England)

This very short escape-the-prison game incorporates many of the problems common in untested first efforts. There are errors of spelling and grammar, unnecessary rooms containing only underimplemented objects, and NPCs that you can pick up and carry. The plot is undeveloped (the protagonist has been locked up unexpectedly, but we never learn where or why) and puzzles are mostly absent (the most serious obstacle to escape turns out to be the omission of an exit from a room description).

The author has a few interesting ideas that sadly aren't used well. One object is only identified when examined for the second time, but although it's surprising to find (Spoiler - click to show)a key inside the cell it unlocks there's no reason why it should be hard to recognise. More strangely, the author's original text omits capitalisation altogether, but the default parser responses aren't modified, creating an odd patchwork effect. It's possible the author wrote the game only in order to learn Inform 7, and if so, I hope it was a useful exercise. However, I can't recommend the result to potential players.