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Society, Socialites and Social Climbing - 13 items   September 5, 2013
Games where the protagonist has to navigate aspirational society in some way, whether it is an attempt at climbing the social ladder or...

Recommended Horror Games - 11 items   February 28, 2013
My horror preference is literary with a strong atmosphere, so those types of games will make a stronger showing here than splatterfests,...

Recommended Linguistic Games - 16 items   February 28, 2012
Good games that use language puzzles, or language itself as the puzzle.

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77 Verbs, by MathBrush (as Prismatik)   April 5, 2020
"This is a cute little game that works very well as an introduction to parser IF. You play a wannabe PC who must escape danger through the..." - See the full review

Enlightened Master, by Ben Kidwell and Maevele Straw   April 15, 2017
"I almost gave up on this game before hitting the change-point. While there is a contextual justification for having an extremely linear..." - See the full review

Who Are You, Mr Cooper?, by Litvinov Serhiy   August 8, 2016
"I was initially intrigued by this steampunk travel-mystery. While the premise and (very well done) graphics are a little close to '80..." - See the full review

The CryptoGame, by Manan Singh   May 18, 2016
"Cryptographic intern? I want that as my summer job! This is a good example of a game that succeeds in being both educational and..." - See the full review

You Were Made For Loneliness, by Tsukareta   July 3, 2014
"You Were Made for Loneliness is a rather poignant sci-fi tale. Like most twine works, it is a hyperlink story with minimal true..." - See the full review

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