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Interactive Fiction by CMG

+ = x, by Chandler Groover (2018)
(24 ratings)
An equation is a language, which is a road to move information. All matter is information. Even a crust trimmed from a sandwich. Even a planet's crust, adrift in space, with its core blown. Those...

Bring Me A Head!, by Chandler Groover (2016)
(19 ratings)
Better hope you can hack it. A Grand Guignol entry for ECTOCOMP 2016.

Caveat Emptor, by Chandler Groover, Failbetter Games (2020)
(1 rating)
A notorious Vicomte is buying property across London. Now he has an eye on your address – and perhaps something just a little below your collar. Navigate the estate market, infiltrate hidden lairs,...

Cragne Manor, by Ryan Veeder, Jenni Polodna, Adam Whybray, Adri, Andrew Plotkin, Andy Holloway, Austin Auclair, Baldur Brückner, Ben Collins-Sussman, Bill Maya, Brian Rushton, Buster Hudson, Caleb Wilson, Carl Muckenhoupt, Chandler Groover, Chris Jones, Christopher Conley, Damon L. Wakes, Daniel Ravipinto, Daniel Stelzer, David Jose, David Petrocco, David Sturgis, Drew Mochak, Edward B, Emily Short, Erica Newman, Feneric, Finn Rosenløv, Gary Butterfield, Gavin Inglis, Greg Frost, Hanon Ondricek, Harkness Munt, Harrison Gerard, Ian Holmes, Ivan Roth, Jack Welch, Jacqueline Ashwell, James Eagle, Jason Dyer, Jason Lautzenheiser, Jason Love, Jeremy Freese, Joey Jones, Joshua Porch, Justin de Vesine, Justin Melvin, Katherine Morayati, Kenneth Pedersen, Lane Puetz, Llew Mason, Lucian Smith, Marco Innocenti, Marius Müller, Mark Britton, Mark Sample, Marshal Tenner Winter, Matt Schneider, Matt Weiner, Matthew Korson, Michael Fessler, Michael Gentry, Michael Hilborn, Michael Lin, Mike Spivey, Molly Ying, Monique Padelis, Naomi Hinchen, Nate Edwards, Petter Sjölund, Q Pheevr, Rachel Spitler, Reed Lockwood, Reina Adair, Riff Conner, Roberto Colnaghi, Rowan Lipkovits, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Scott Hammack, Sean M. Shore, Shin, Wade Clarke, Zach Hodgens, Zack Johnson (2018)
(11 ratings)
A tribute to Anchorhead.

creak, creak, by chandler groover (2015)
(27 ratings)
"You have to look." 111 words. Made for Porpentine's Twiny Jam.

Cricket, Anyone?, by Chandler Groover, Failbetter Games (2019)
(1 rating)
The Tournament of Toasts! The greatest cricket match of the season! And the perfect opportunity for Benthic and Summerset College to tear each other to pieces! Grab a bat, grab a drink, but keep...

Deus Ex Ceviche, by Tom Lento, Chandler Groover (2020)
(12 ratings)
Something fishy is happening in the Section B-2 Temple.

Down, the Serpent and the Sun, by Chandler Groover (2015)
(21 ratings)
The feathered serpent coils before you, greater than any god or any monster. Maimed warriors are crushed beneath its claws. The sun will never rise again.

Eat Me, by Chandler Groover (2017)
(62 ratings)
In this castle, you'll eat or be eaten. May contain dairy, carnage, puzzles, nuts.

The Griffin and the Minor Canon, by Frank Stockton, Chandler Groover (2015)
(10 ratings)
A griffin pays an unwanted visit to a town. Adapted from Frank Stockton's classic short story.

HUNTING UNICORN, by Chandler Groover (2014)
(25 ratings)
A maiden leads a unicorn hunt. Sixteen narrative variants. Choose-your-own-adventure style. Mature thematic elements.

JELLY, by Tom Lento, Chandler Groover (2020)
(10 ratings)
Young love in the Lonely Valley.

left/right, by chandler groover (2017)
(10 ratings)
pick one

little, by chandler groover (2017)
(3 ratings)
a tiny yarn for ectocomp

Midnight. Swordfight., by Chandler Groover (2015)
(59 ratings)
A fool receives a challenge from a countess. Violence. Sex. Profanity. Sausage.

Mirror and Queen, by Chandler Groover (2016)
(25 ratings)
Your mirror never lies. A puzzleless reflection. Fifteen to forty minutes.

My Kingdom for a Pig, by Chandler Groover, Failbetter Games (2019)
(1 rating)
A pox has spread across London! Join a crack team of conspirators to infiltrate a high-stakes auction and delve beneath a fungal vineyard in search of a cure. What will you find in the Fifth City's...

Open That Vein, by Chandler Groover (2015)
(12 ratings)
You are going to open that vein. La Petite Mort entry in ECTOCOMP 2015.

Paisley, by Chandler Groover, Failbetter Games (2020)
(1 rating)
An aesthete has been murdered, and only his paisley outfit can identify the killer. Unfortunately, that outfit is on the lam. Track down the missing ensemble, conspire with textiles, and try to...

Por Una Cabeza, by Chandler Groover, Failbetter Games (2019)
(2 ratings)
You are invited to join the Mollusca Tour de London! Intrigue, dirty tricks, and all manner of slugs abound! Who will win – who will cheat – and what will be the cost for racer and gambler alike?

The Queen's Menagerie, by Chandler Groover (2016)
(34 ratings)
These beasts won't feed themselves. A puzzleless exhibition. Ten to fifteen minutes.

Rape, Pillage, Makane!, by Chandler Groover (2015)
(11 ratings)
No knight was ever more noble than Sir Makane, whose chivalrous code held two tenets above all: SLAY/LAY. Written for Ludum Dare 34.

The Rat-Catcher, by Chandler Groover, Failbetter Games (2018)
(2 ratings)
Team up with a Department of Menace Eradicator to find her missing partner! Collect bounties, interrogate rodents, and venture into the Prickfinger Wastes. Keep your friends close, your enemies...

Skull-Scraper, by chandler groover (2016)
(13 ratings)
"Scrape into a skull." Made for the Tiny Utopias Jam.

Taghairm, by Chandler Groover (2015)
(24 ratings)
"Perhaps the most horrible of all recorded magical spells." Cruelty. Violence. Sounds. Headphones recommended.

Tailypo, by Chandler Groover (2015)
(19 ratings)
Alone in his cabin, a hungry man eats something he shouldn't.

Three-Card Trick, by Chandler Groover (2016)
(46 ratings)
You're going to perform a three-card trick or your name isn't Morgan the Magnificent.

Toby's Nose, by Chandler Groover (2015)
(65 ratings)
A murder most foul has been committed and Sherlock Holmes is on the case. You are his dog.

What Fuwa Bansaku Found, by Chandler Groover (2016)
(25 ratings)
A samurai explores a haunted shrine.

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After playing Hard Puzzle by Ade McT, which centers around assembling a "milking stool" under rather sinister circumstances, it struck me...

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Harmonia, by Liza Daly   November 16, 2017
"In college, I walked backward into nineteenth-century utopianism after obsessively rereading The Blithedale Romance. It's a lesser known..." - See the full review

The Wizard Sniffer, by Buster Hudson   November 16, 2017
"Buster Hudson isn't as popular as he should be. I think that will change after this year. He wrote Oppositely Opal in 2015, about a witch..." - See the full review

Eczema Angel Orifice, by Porpentine   September 28, 2017
"Eczema Angel Orifice has been out for a while now, but a new version was just released (I have it for Mac), so I thought it would be..." - See the full review

Yellow Dog Running, by Sam Kabo Ashwell   May 24, 2017
"This game was made for a speed-writing contest. It’s rough. It has unimplemented scenery. Its conversation menus are formatted wonkily...." - See the full review

The Anachronist, by Peter Levine   May 21, 2017
"Anachronism is usually considered a mistake. Often it is. Readers want to know a story’s time period. When they can’t find solid ground..." - See the full review

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