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Interactive Fiction by P. B. Parjeter

Bigfoot Bluff, by P.B. Parjeter (2022)
(10 ratings)
Ten years ago you renounced Bigfootdom to become a paparazzi. Now it is your job to do an exposé on your reclusive sasquatch father. Welcome to Bigfoot Bluff. A game for Spring Thing 2022.

Cygnet Committee, by P.B. Parjeter (2021)
(6 ratings)
The year is 2049. Your mission is to take down a military cult that has formed around Joan of Arc.

Pick Up the Cookie and Sigh, by P.B. Parjeter (2023)
(10 ratings)
I originally meant to announce this as an April Fool’s joke (ie. a lost Douglas Adams game that doesn’t really exist) but I ended up turning it into a straight adaptation of the story. Adapted from...

Dr. Sourpuss Is Not A Choice-Based Game, by P.B. Parjeter (2016)
(9 ratings)
I, Dr. Sourpuss, talking housecat and test administrator, regret to inform you that your multiple choice test has been misplaced. While I attempt to locate the missing SCANDRON marking machine,...

Vlad the Impala, by Pumpkin B. Parjeter (2016)
(6 ratings)
Years ago, the identity fraud began. Vlad the Impaler is a vampire. You are a hooved herbivore. You are the unfortunately named...Vlad the Impala. A Grand Guignol entry for ECTOCOMP 2016.

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Buck Rockford Heads West, by J. J. Guest   January 7, 2024
"I played “Buck Rockford Heads West” by J.J. Guest a few times as part of the IF Short Games Showcase 2023. I really liked the humor. I..." - See the full review

free bird., by Passerine   January 3, 2024
"I played free bird. as part of the IF Short Games Showcase 2023. The end punctuation and lower case are mandatory and throughout the..." - See the full review

Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head, by The Hungry Reader   October 3, 2023
"“Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head” grabbed my attention because it’s not what you’d usually see in IF. As it turns out there is quite..." - See the full review

A Light in the Snow, by Sequentia Soft   February 5, 2022
"This is straightforward but well-executed short game. Even if you aren't familiar with the fairy tale the game is based on, it quickly..." - See the full review

Sting, by Mike Russo   November 28, 2021
"First, a disclaimer. Mike Russo reviewed my game and we talked over the course of IF Comp about other stuff. However, Sting caught my..." - See the full review

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