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Interactive Fiction by P. B. Parjeter

Dr. Sourpuss Is Not A Choice-Based Game, by P.B. Parjeter (2016)
(9 ratings)
I, Dr. Sourpuss, talking housecat and test administrator, regret to inform you that your multiple choice test has been misplaced. While I attempt to locate the missing SCANDRON marking machine,...

Vlad the Impala, by Pumpkin B. Parjeter (2016)
(6 ratings)
Years ago, the identity fraud began. Vlad the Impaler is a vampire. You are a hooved herbivore. You are the unfortunately named...Vlad the Impala. A Grand Guignol entry for ECTOCOMP 2016.

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Reviews by P. B. Parjeter

A Light in the Snow, by Sequentia Soft   February 5, 2022
"This is straightforward but well-executed short game. Even if you aren't familiar with the fairy tale the game is based on, it quickly..." - See the full review

Sting, by Mike Russo   November 28, 2021
"First, a disclaimer. Mike Russo reviewed my game and we talked over the course of IF Comp about other stuff. However, Sting caught my..." - See the full review

Goat Game, by Kathryn Li   November 23, 2021
"This is in my opinion the best-looking and most cleanly designed game from IF Comp this year. The illustrations give the game a storybook..." - See the full review

Walking Into It, by Andrew Schultz   November 22, 2021
"I played this game in the hopes that I would be better at understanding tic-tac-toe than the author's chess-based offerings. Reading..." - See the full review

You are SpamZapper 3.1, by Leon Arnott   November 7, 2021
"I enjoyed what I played of this Twine game. Other reviewers have noted that there were false endings; I think I quit after the first one..." - See the full review

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