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I am the author of a number of IF games including To Hell in a Hamper and Alias 'The Magpie', winner of IFComp 2018.

I first discovered IF in the Eighties, playing and writing games on the Acorn Electron and BBC Micro. After 12 years in the wilderness, I rediscovered it in 2002.

IF Blog: jjguest.blogspot.com
Website: jjguest.com

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Interactive Fiction by J. J. Guest

Alias 'The Magpie', by J. J. Guest (2018)
(55 ratings)
Sir Rodney Playfair, gentleman thief, has a simple plan: impersonate a psychiatrist, infiltrate a country house, steal a priceless Egyptian scarab and make it back to London in time for cocktails....

To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest (2003)
(102 ratings)
Professor Pettibone, eminent Victorian balloonist, has a problem. He can't get it up. His balloon that is. If he can't reach an altitude of 20,000 feet, and soon, both he and his mysterious...

Excalibur, by J. J. Guest, G. C. Baccaris, and Duncan Bowsman (2021)
(9 ratings)
The psychedelic science fantasy series Excalibur was wiped by the BBC. It lives on, in the memories of its fans. Author's Comment: "Welcome to the Excalibur Wiki. This fan-run encyclopaedia...

Renegade Brainwave, by J. J. Guest (2010)
(9 ratings)
"Beware! Beware! Take care! For you are about take part in an interactive story that will reveal the terrifying truth behind the mysterious Soviet space programme! Revelations of incredible horrors...

Goldilocks is a FOX!, by J. J. Guest (2002)
(10 ratings)
Staggering back from yet another wild student party, blonde bombshell Goldilocks decides to take a shortcut through the enchanted forest. All she really wants is a nice hot bowl of porridge and...

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Reviews by J. J. Guest

The Magpie Takes the Train, by Mathbrush   December 14, 2020
"The Magpie Takes the Train was written for me, as my chosen prize for winning IFComp 2018, and what a prize it turned out to be! I..." - See the full review

Return of the Diamond, by R. McGregor   August 1, 2020
"I first encountered Return of the Diamond in a book called "Games and other programs for the Acorn Electron", published by Penguin Books...." - See the full review

The Dragon Diamond, by Kenneth Pedersen   June 30, 2020
"The Dragon Diamond is the first of a trilogy of games, and thus far the only one to have been ported to Inform. The story and setting are..." - See the full review

fin de sickleburg, by Caleb Wilson   June 21, 2020
"Fin de Sickleburg is very short one-room game by Caleb Wilson, author of Lime Ergot. It's so short, in fact, that to say anything about..." - See the full review

Ghost King, by Jason Compton   June 20, 2020
"A game designed to answer the question, what might have resulted had Scott Adams decided to release a series of games based on..." - See the full review

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Being a Thing - 2, by R. Asu
Pas De Deux, by Linus Åkesson
The Prisoner in Block Nineteen, by Aaron A. Reed
Real Life: The Greatest Adventure of All, by Gerry Rzeppa
fin de sickleburg, by Caleb Wilson

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77 Verbs, by MathBrush (as Prismatik)
Bugsy, by Priscilla Langridge
The Bin Bag Theory, by Katie Benson
Habeas Corpus, by G.C. Baccaris
In the Service of Mrs. Claus, by Mathbrush

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