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I started playing if at a young age with infocom, but after a while I lost interest because I couldn't complete a single game. Now I have found a rebirth in my interest and a little more patience.

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This list is not interactive fiction's top 50, but instead my oersonal entry for the actual list. A message from VictorGijsbers: The aim...

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Best classic zork adventure - 17 votes for 7 games; created November 26, 2010
What is the best classic zork adventure which includes all zork including classics and subdivisions.

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The Fire Tower, by Jacqueline A. Lott   July 16, 2011
"Being an enthusiastic hiker, the idea of this game really appealed to me. Not nessicerily as a game in itself, but more in the idea of..." - See the full review

Guess the Verb!, by Leonard Richardson   May 6, 2011
"What more can you ask for in a game but robots, scientists and evil wizards combined into a single game?  Very little.  The name of the..." - See the full review

Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas   May 6, 2011
"Don't do drugs.  I think that just about sums up this whole piece.  Of course the moral could be don't step inside freezers if you stop..." - See the full review

Byzantine Perspective, by Lea Albaugh   May 5, 2011
"Needs no night vision Impressive puzzle.  That is really what I have to say, mostly because this piece of IF doesn't have much of a..." - See the full review

Reverberations, by Russell Glasser   February 8, 2011
"Have you ever been just leaving town when you are blocked by gigantic rabid gerbils? Well, if not, it is a horrible feeling. The same..." - See the full review

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Snake, by Anonymous
Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home, by Andrew Plotkin
Arthur, by Bob Bates
Pick Up The Phone Booth And Die, by Rob Noyes

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Kukulcan, by Michael Giltzow
Building, by Poster
Adventurer's Consumer Guide, by Řyvind Thorsby
Escape In The Dark, by Owen Parish
The Hobbit, by Philip Mitchell and Veronika Megler

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