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Zauberschloss, by Achim Kern   December 1, 2013
"This is a ZX Spectrum port of Dennis Merbach's Commodore 64 Zauberschlo▀, see Achim Kern's website and the game intro."

Impostor Syndrome, by Dietrich Squinkifer (Squinky)   October 27, 2013
"In some way interesting as case study of Anna Anthropys manifesto "Rise of the Videogame Zinesters"."

9Lives, by Bill Balistreri, Hal Hinderliter, Sean Klabough, Luke Michalski, Morgan Sokol   October 4, 2013
"There is no story but some singular scenes cemented together by diffuse reincarnation."

Dickes W - Episode 1: Der Mietstreit, by Ingo Scharmann, Frank Sorge, and David G÷rzig   November 14, 2012
"First episode of the Berlin "Wedding" soap (it's really the name of an urban working-class district of West Berlin!) performed in a..." - See the full review

Allein mit Kai, by Ingo Scharmann and Joana Markus   November 14, 2012
"You visit your new girlfriend in her Marzahn (Eastern Berlin) social housing apartment and have to keep your eye on her young son Kai..." - See the full review

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Labyrinth of Loci, by anbrewk
SCREW YOU, BEAR DAD!, by Xalavier Nelson Jr.
Black Rock City, by Jim Munroe
Take, by Katherine Morayati (as Amelia Pinnolla)

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