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I've played IF on and off for quite a few years, but it's only recently I've become more active as a writer and reviewer. Still got quite a few game ideas left in me.

In case you're curious about my rating scale:

1 star - not much to see here
2 stars - lacking
3 stars - good
4 stars - essential
5 stars - transformative

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Interactive Fiction by AKheon

Ascension of Limbs, by AKheon (2020)
(19 ratings)
You are an antique store proprietor trying to make ends meet. Use your wits, manage your resources, play the hand you are dealt. This game features a story with multiple endings, achievements as...

Fat Fair, by AKheon (2019)
(6 ratings)
A strange boy in backwater Finland wants to establish his own amusement park, or so it seems. This game features a character-driven story, flexible gameplay mechanics, multiple endings and a lack...

Smart Theory, by AKheon (2021)
(18 ratings)
A strange, new thought system has been spreading like wildfire through schools and institutions - it has even taken over the university that you go to. What could this all mean? Perhaps we'll...

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Games Where the Title Is You - 57 votes for 46 games; created September 11, 2020
Games with a title that is the same as the main character.

Reviews by AKheon

I Contain Multitudes, by Wonaglot   October 18, 2021
"I Contain Multitudes is a parser-based game by Wonaglot, published in 2021. You are an engineer on a steam boat. A murder has happened,..." - See the full review

What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed, by Amanda Walker   October 12, 2021
"What Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed is a parser-based game by Amanda Walker, published in 2021. It's a kind of a gothic horror adventure..." - See the full review

The Best Man, by Stephen Bond   October 9, 2021
"The Best Man is a choice-based game made by Stephen Bond, published in 2021. The suspenseful cover art and non-existent blurb both give..." - See the full review

Taste of Fingers, by V Dobranov   October 7, 2021
"Taste of Fingers is a choice-based game by V Dobranov, published in 2021. You are a business man hiding in a cafe somewhere in Hong Kong..." - See the full review

Codex Sadistica: A Heavy-Metal Minigame, by grave snail games   October 6, 2021
"Codex Sadistica is a parser-based game by grave snail games, published in 2021. You are Scream, a metal vocalist at a tightly packed..." - See the full review

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