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A star may be added for a game that excels in some regard, or a star may be subtracted for a game with some egregious shortcoming. I reserve the right to be arbitrary and subjective. Don't take my ratings too seriously; I don't.

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Interactive Fiction by Cody Gaisser

Hinterlands: Marooned, by Cody Gaisser (2022)
(4 ratings)
Following a series of mishaps, a recruit from the Consortium Of Known Occupied Worlds is marooned on a tiny island on an unfamiliar planet; but the recruit is not alone - there is a Q’udzlth here!

Locked Door VIII: Enemy Mine, by Cody Gaisser (2022)
(2 ratings)
Can you discover the secret of the dwarven ruins?!

Locked Door VII: Out Of Line, by Cody Gaisser (2022)
(3 ratings)

Locked Door X: The Workprint, by Cody Gaisser (2022)
(1 rating)
Can you polish a turd?!

Locked Door XI: The US Theatrical Cut, by Cody Gaisser (2022)
(1 rating)
Can you beta test this thing?!

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For Me It Was Tuesday, by Soda51   February 23, 2022
"In this Twine game, you play Street Fighter II (as either Ryu or Ken) while Chun Li and Cammy make inverted sexist comments about how..." - See the full review

Cis Gaze, by Caelyn Sandel   February 16, 2022
"Cis Gaze is a short diary-like hyperlink story told from the perspective of a trans woman who experiences rude glares and misgendering..." - See the full review

Suveh Nux, by David Fisher   February 14, 2022
"Suveh Nux is an escape room game with a very creative system of magical language and plenty of personality. I'm giving this game the..." - See the full review

Conan Kill Everything, by Ian Haberkorn   February 14, 2022
"A short but amusing one-room joke game that is exactly what it says it is: you are Conan, you kill EVERYTHING. There's not much to..." - See the full review

Ninja II, by Paul Allen Panks   February 13, 2022
"Ninja II is a slightly expanded version of the original Ninja text adventure by Paul Panks. It now includes introductory text that..." - See the full review

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Conan Kill Everything, by Ian Haberkorn
Ninja, by Paul Allen Panks
The Cabal, by Stephen Bond
The Secret of Nara, by Ralfe Rich
Don't Push The Mailbox, by Ralfe Rich

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The Best Man, by Stephen Bond
A Paradox Between Worlds, by Autumn Chen
You are SpamZapper 3.1, by Leon Arnott
4x4 Archipelago, by Agnieszka Trzaska
The Golden Heist, by George Lockett and Rob Thorman

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