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A star may be added for a game that excels in some regard, or a star may be subtracted for a game with some egregious shortcoming. I reserve the right to be arbitrary and subjective. Don't take my ratings too seriously; I don't.

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Interactive Fiction by Cody Gaisser

Hinterlands: Delivered!, by Cody Gaisser (2023)
(4 ratings)
You have only one more package to deliver before clocking out for the weekend, but your spacecraft's tank is almost empty. Your Spacer's Atlas says there's a fueling station on a little planet...

Hinterlands: Marooned!, by Cody Gaisser (2022)
(7 ratings)
Following a series of mishaps, a recruit from the Consortium Of Known Occupied Worlds is marooned on a tiny island on an unfamiliar planet; but the recruit is not alone - there is a Q’udzlth here!

Locked Door VIII: Enemy Mine, by Cody Gaisser (2022)
(2 ratings)
Can you discover the secret of the dwarven ruins?!

Locked Door VII: Out Of Line, by Cody Gaisser (2022)
(3 ratings)

Nowheresville, by Morpheus Kitami and Cody Gaisser (2022)
(3 ratings)
You are stuck in an oddly perfect town that might be Hell. Are you going to try to escape again?

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Eat Me, by Chandler Groover   May 10, 2023
"Eat Me is an absurd, whimsical, bizarre, and often disgusting game about a child with a bottomless pit for a stomach who lives in a..." - See the full review

Baluthar, by Chris Molloy Wischer   May 10, 2023
"Baluthar is a dark fantasy adventure about a father searching for his son, who has gone missing down a nearby well that is said to be..." - See the full review

Nevermore, by Nate Cull   May 9, 2023
"Nevermore is a loose adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven. You assume the role of a sad, drug-addled alchemist who seeks to..." - See the full review

Plundered Hearts, by Amy Briggs   May 9, 2023
"Reports of Plundered Hearts being an interactive romance novel are slightly overblown. There are elements of that, of course (it does..." - See the full review

Theatre, by Brendon Wyber   May 8, 2023
"Theatre is a nice, atmospheric horror game in which you find yourself trapped in an old, run-down theatre that seems to have malevolent..." - See the full review

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howling dogs, by Porpentine
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Plundered Hearts, by Amy Briggs
A Mind Forever Voyaging, by Steve Meretzky

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Animalia, by Ian Michael Waddell
Seedship, by John Ayliff
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Insignificant Little Vermin, by Filip Hracek

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