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I research how libraries collect, preserve, and circulate interactive media -- with narrative games being my current focus! I'm drawn to all types of IF, though with a penchant for games with a more literary bent.

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distinctions, by Colin Post (2023)
"A species are distinctions..."

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Tricks of light in the forest, by Pseudavid   March 11, 2024
"This is a lovely, meditative game where you play as a kid who goes off on an adventure through the forest nearby their house -- though..." - See the full review

DEVOTIONALIA, by G.C. "Grim" Baccaris (as G. Grimoire)   February 16, 2024
"You play as the warden of a crumbling temple, keeping alive the lore of a serpent god while also looking after a brood of odd, half-human..." - See the full review

One Does Not Simply Fry, by Stewart C Baker and James Beamon   October 18, 2023
"I like ChoiceScript games a lot, though they can often be significant time commitments, containing a novel's length of text and many..." - See the full review

Xanthippe's Last Night with Socrates, by Victor Gijsbers   October 11, 2023
"Choice-based games lend themselves really well to romance simulators -- and this is of course a very popular genre for this style of IF..." - See the full review

We All Fall Together, by Camron Gonzalez   October 7, 2023
"This game has a really interesting premise -- you wake up and you're falling toward a void in the middle of cyclone, and you make sense..." - See the full review

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