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Top 50 Reviewer; 6752 Frequent Fiction points
Member since November 3, 2017

"I've played IF on and off for quite a few years, but it's only recently I've become more active as a writer and reviewer. Still got quite..."

Joey Jones

Top 50 Reviewer; 6743 Frequent Fiction points
Member since September 30, 2011

"Co-Winner of XYZZY for Best Puzzles 2015 with Sub Rosa. There's some smaller games of mine over at"


Top 50 Reviewer; 6717 Frequent Fiction points
Member since June 13, 2020

"I am a 5x years old adventurer who started playing IF games on the first 80's. I play spanish and english games and like specially..."


Top 50 Reviewer; 6661 Frequent Fiction points
The Wild West
Member since February 18, 2010

"Since reading is my version of breathing, and I type 123 WPM, AND I love videogames, Interactive Fiction is my ultimate entertainment..."

Tito Valenz

Top 50 Reviewer; 6603 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 31, 2021


Top 50 Reviewer; 6589 Frequent Fiction points
Fredericksburg, VA
Member since May 16, 2009

"At age 10, I fell in love with Infocom. My mission is to dredge up long forgotten gems from the IF database by playing and reviewing..."

Christina Nordlander

Top 50 Reviewer; 6523 Frequent Fiction points
Member since April 14, 2013


Top 50 Reviewer; 6205 Frequent Fiction points
A Cave
Member since September 9, 2018

"Reader and author, started with reading the old CYOA books and Colossal Cave Adventure. Fantasy is my favorite, and soft Sci-Fi is a..."


Top 100 Reviewer; 6134 Frequent Fiction points
Member since June 13, 2017

"Five stars is not a terribly generous choice to chose from. With two decades of interactive fiction under my belt I decided to give - *..."

Vivienne Dunstan

Top 100 Reviewer; 5570 Frequent Fiction points
Dundee, Scotland
Member since May 17, 2018

"Academic historian, genealogist, former computer scientist, and Doctor Who fan"


Top 100 Reviewer; 5482 Frequent Fiction points
Chiayi, Taiwan
Member since May 18, 2014

"I'm looking for good examples of IF in English, Mandarin, and Castilian, especially those that could be used in a classroom setting...."


Top 100 Reviewer; 5444 Frequent Fiction points
Bologna, Italy
Member since October 31, 2007

perching path

Top 100 Reviewer; 5289 Frequent Fiction points
near Philadelphia, PA, US
Member since May 29, 2008


Top 100 Reviewer; 5194 Frequent Fiction points
London, UK.
Member since February 15, 2016

"55 year old IT analyst, Wine Buff and Arsenal supporter. IF acolyte. A bit battered with pieces falling off. Lover of the Seventies and..."


Top 100 Reviewer; 5188 Frequent Fiction points
London, England
Member since November 5, 2007

"I'm very new to IF, but I seem to like it a lot. I like games which tell stories, and dislike games that try to trip me up or put me in..."

Doug Orleans

Top 100 Reviewer; 5152 Frequent Fiction points
Somerville, MA, USA
Member since April 10, 2010


Top 100 Reviewer; 5071 Frequent Fiction points
Member since March 21, 2023

"i like cute anime girls and dank stuff"


Top 100 Reviewer; 5019 Frequent Fiction points
Member since October 17, 2007


Top 100 Reviewer; 4976 Frequent Fiction points
Davis, CA
Member since January 2, 2009

"'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds. --Malaclypse the Younger"


Top 100 Reviewer; 4906 Frequent Fiction points
west of house
Member since February 1, 2021

"ratings: 5 - masterpiece; 4 - excellent; 3 - good but needs work; 2 - mediocre, needs a lot of work; 1 - just plain bad i've been playing..."

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