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Interactive Fiction by Fabien Vidal

Paris Aires, by Fabien Vidal (2020)
(4 ratings)
Embark in a quest for inspiration in PARIS AIRES, the first transcontinental city in the World. An impossible city across the atlantic ocean, where cultures mix ever and ever... PARIS AIRES is a...

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Station spatiale S16 - Prologue, by Samuel Verschelde (Stormi)   January 14, 2021
"Ha ! Ça faisait longtemps que je ne m'étais pas aussi bien senti immergé dans l'espace que dans l'introduction de ce jeu. L'environnement..." - See the full review

Life On Mars?, by Hugo Labrande   May 25, 2015
"That piece of fiction is in french. So, be warned ! The atmosphhere is gloomy and excellent. The story telling, and the ways background..." - See the full review

Everything We Do Is Games, by Doug Orleans   May 25, 2015
"Play first, then read the author's statement. Some might say that it is pointless, other that it is brilliant. To me, it was at least odd..." - See the full review

speedif zombie, by J. Robinson Wheeler   October 4, 2010
"Should every game be on the IF database ? This game could be one of the many examples raising the question. I might have missed..." - See the full review

Strange Geometries, by Phillip Chambers   July 6, 2009
"You are a reporter in a small town at the northern edge of the known world. Beyond that point stands a far too lively, and we have to..." - See the full review

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