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Empty ?, October 4, 2010
by Fabien Vidal (Tours, France)

Should every game be on the IF database ? This game could be one of the many examples raising the question. I might have missed something, but that game seemed absolutely empty to me: there is no description, no help, very little atmosphere. The only thing 3 things I managed to do is taking an object, and die in 2 different ways, with no warning.

What I managed to see, it is what an unskilled 10 year old boy would have been able to code and write... Which surprises me a lot from J. Robinson Wheeler! So, I have 3 explanation for the existence of that empty work on the database :
- Either J. Robinson Wheeler tried to take part to a speed IF, but mainwhile got caught by something more urgent to do. Due to an unlikely series of events, that "work" however got published.
- His younger brother had fun stealing his name to publish that poor thing.
- I totally missed 99% of the game... But, then I should have been hinted a bit more.

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Andy Devil, October 8, 2012 - Reply
I'm not familiar with that particular game, but I do believe every game an author stands behind with his good name should end up in the database. That's what it's for.
AmberShards, October 9, 2010 - Reply
First, you've already decided what the IFDB is "supposed" to be, but doing so is a judgment call. You just don't happen to like someone else's vision of what the IFDB is supposed to be.

Second, people already pick and choose what games should be in here, because people have to add the games. The IMDB suffers from the same flaw.

Third, your logic amounts to this: "There can be no standards because any standards at all necessarily lead to burning people at the stake". Where will it stop? Probably at three sentences. Standards are short and sweet to make administrative overhead minimal and confusion, rare.

Finally, games that appear here will never fade into obscurity, because their appearance here immortalizes them. That's why there is a concern over games being listed here in the first place.
David Welbourn, October 4, 2010 - Reply
You didn't miss much; it's a very short game as many speed-if games are, and you were likely a victim of guess-the-verb. For what it's worth, I've added a link to my walkthrough.
Fabien Vidal, October 8, 2010 - Reply
Hmm, that's right, I have missed it... English is not my first language, so that association would maybe have been really obvious to someone who would have grown with english.
AmberShards, October 4, 2010 - Reply
I've wondered the same thing. There are quite a few "games" that shouldn't be here, for the sake of completeness alone.
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