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Interactive Fiction by bertilak

Try to Wake Up, by bertilak (2023)
(4 ratings)
CONTAINS: Questioning reality and eye related 'injury'. Made for the Neo-Twiny Jam. A short piece of interactive fiction to simulate a false awakening type dream (Specifically a type 2 loop false...

A Stranger Plays Cards at Night, by bertilak (2023)
(1 rating)

A very short story containing only one choice. A man walks into a pub. Based on a common Western/Northern European folk story.

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The Passenger, by Jime Rolón   July 23, 2023
"Cosmic horror is hard to do well, and this game knocks it out the park. From the very first page the writing will hook you, and it only..." - See the full review

Donor, by Elena Hearty   July 23, 2023
"A genuinely tension inducing and thrilling game. Bringing the horrific side of vampires back into the limelight, whilst still keeping..." - See the full review

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