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Interactive Fiction by Oreolek

Antropology, by Oreolek (2016)
(4 ratings)
** On benefits of speech. ** A micro abstract interactive text piece, about one minute long.

Bullets talk faster, by Oreolek (2015)
(7 ratings)
An online fantasy first person cybertext shoot'em up.

The Black Phone, by Oreolek (2016)
(1 rating)
A walk through someone else's apartment.

Обещание, by Oreolek (2010)

The game requires INSTEAD interpreter no older than 1.2.0 version. May have some problems on INSTEAD 1.7.0.+ with Lua 5.2 : It's an old game and I don't remember if I updated it for Lua 5.2. In...

Sixth City, by Oreolek (2015)

A concept of "floating modules" RPG for INSTEAD engine. Also the first INSTEAD game to use gettext translations. Download as ZIP and use http://instead.syscall.ru/ engine to run. (menu - Select...

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Reviews by Oreolek

The Owl Consults, by Thomas Mack, Nick Mathewson, and Cidney Hamilton   January 27, 2020
"Good writing and implementation, but the difficulty curve is harsh. It expects you to know the uncommon IF verbs to pass the tutorial...." - See the full review

Birdland, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy   November 26, 2019
"Bridget is a girl in a summer camp. She sees weird dreams. She sees weird things. It's weird. Birdland is long and it constantly repeats..." - See the full review

Kingdom of Grain, by Unknown   January 29, 2016
"The "Kingdom of Grain" is an old (circa 1992) text strategy for ZX Spectrum. by THD group (text by Denis Filippov and Alexey Leontyev,..." - See the full review

Map, by Ade McT   January 24, 2016
"Did not understand one bit. You walk around, you type in "tomorrow", you walk around some more, maybe something happens. What's the..." - See the full review

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