Kingdom of Grain

by Unknown


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A great strategy - lost in history, January 29, 2016
by Oreolek (Kemerovo, Russia)

The "Kingdom of Grain" is an old (circa 1992) text strategy for ZX Spectrum. by THD group (text by Denis Filippov and Alexey Leontyev, graphics by Alexander Belousov.)

It was a gameplay rehash of ”Hammurabi” by David Ahl (BASIC).
There are also a lot of remakes for this game (all under the same name): 1999 PC version by Denis Filippov, 2011 INSTEAD remake by v.v.b. (based on 2006 remake ”Kingdom 3” by Alexey Parfyonov), and 2006 URQ remake.

Anyway, the game is this: you have a kingdom and your kingdom produces grain. You must manage your fields and finances so your kingdom won't starve or go bankrupt. It's rather brutal but very great and maybe you can get to year 100 in ten tries or less.

It's a good economic strategy but the story is thin and the text is very brief. Most remakes are open source, so - hey, maybe there will be a new version soon.