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I like my IFs to be more "novel" than "game". I'm not a puzzle person. I don't want to worry too much about stats. Just give me a good storyline, fun characters, and lots of dialogue options to role-play.

Romance is kind of a hard requirement for me. If I can't smooch a cute boy in-game at least once, was it really worth it?

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Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One, by Mishka Jenkins   March 14, 2021
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HUNTING UNICORN, by Chandler Groover
Please Answer Carefully, by litrouke
...In Love And War, by Crissie24
The Arboretum, by Matthew S. Burns
Some Sword / Some Play, by Moniker Ersatz

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Snakeroot, by Cerberus
The Alchemist, by Dariel Ivalyen
Out of Gaz, by @jen5588533
Lore: A Tale of a Sword and Those Who Wielded It, by T. Y. Vaught
Fallen Hero: Rebirth, by Malin Rydén

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EN LA CASA DE PIEDRA Y LUZ, by Imago Interactiva
The iCarly RPG, by StamblerRambler
Meeting the Parents, by manonamora
Witness to the end, by akhmin
The Lord of Hunger, by Karina Popp

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