The Soul Stone War 2

by Morgan Vane

Episode 2 of The Soul Stone War

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The fun continues with a lot of paths to explore, January 14, 2022
by Shadowcutie (USA)

Book 2 is a great follow up to an already fun story. Book 1 felt a lot more straightforward, though admittedly it could just be me being stubbornly unadventurous in the choices I made in the story, but Book 2 has a lot of secrets and alternative paths that I'm enjoying going through.

I mentioned about Book 1 that there was an issue of "too much hopping from one event to another without it feeling as though there's anything important connecting them", or in other words things kinda just happened with little agency. However this issue was fixed or at least isn't as noticeable to the casual player who just wants a fun story they're not trying to analyze too much, aka me. The main character felt a lot more competent given their experience--beyond the obvious spoiler reason for the bump in power/skill.

As for the romance I do enjoy the different paces and paths each romance takes. Even in a mostly linear story each character develops feelings and relationships differently which adds a lot to the characters and the larger story. I'm very much enjoying Manerkol's romance, but I'm still kind of baffled by his motivation. Suspension of disbelief can work miracles, but even I can't help but play my character as suspicious of his feelings (Spoiler - click to show)"Why are you so in love with me? Because some cosmic bond says you are, you don't even know me and it's not really like you're trying to get to know me either".

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