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The Soul Stone War 2, by Morgan Vane

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The fun continues with a lot of paths to explore, January 14, 2022
by Shadowcutie (USA)

Book 2 is a great follow up to an already fun story. Book 1 felt a lot more straightforward, though admittedly it could just be me being stubbornly unadventurous in the choices I made in the story, but Book 2 has a lot of secrets and alternative paths that I'm enjoying going through.

I mentioned about Book 1 that there was an issue of "too much hopping from one event to another without it feeling as though there's anything important connecting them", or in other words things kinda just happened with little agency. However this issue was fixed or at least isn't as noticeable to the casual player who just wants a fun story they're not trying to analyze too much, aka me. The main character felt a lot more competent given their experience--beyond the obvious spoiler reason for the bump in power/skill.

As for the romance I do enjoy the different paces and paths each romance takes. Even in a mostly linear story each character develops feelings and relationships differently which adds a lot to the characters and the larger story. I'm very much enjoying Manerkol's romance, but I'm still kind of baffled by his motivation. Suspension of disbelief can work miracles, but even I can't help but play my character as suspicious of his feelings (Spoiler - click to show)"Why are you so in love with me? Because some cosmic bond says you are, you don't even know me and it's not really like you're trying to get to know me either".

I woke up next to you again., by zephyo
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The Soul Stone War, by Morgan Vane

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A very fun high fantasy adventure with some flaws, July 10, 2021
by Shadowcutie (USA)

Everything in the story feels a bit rushed and a bit fast paced. There's a bit too much hopping from one event to another without it feeling as though there's anything important connecting them. The romances in particular, while I haven't gone through every romance yet, feel like they're missing the build up--it goes from "hello it's nice to meet you" to "I'm ready to sacrifice every thing for you" in a few chapters (and a week or so in universe).

The humor probably won't be for everyone either. I played a playful main character and it was a near constant one-liner machine inside their head. Duh! I mean what would you expect from a playful character? <-- Expect lots of lines like that.

With all that being said, I really liked the story and while I pointed out some issues they weren't really a problem for me. The story was high energy and the humor grew on me. I'm excited to see the series continued, and I really fell in love with Morkai and Straasa so I'm even more excited to see the romances progress!

Edit: I've played a few more romance paths and I have to say the "friendmance" (it's basically the slow burn or 'main character is oblivious' path in comparison to the "flirtmance" where you're actively flirting and showing interest whether it's shyly or boldly) were great! They're paced a lot more naturally, and playing an oblivious to romance main character is just super fun!! So yeah I totally recommend the friendmance paths.

HUNTING UNICORN, by Chandler Groover
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Some Sword / Some Play, by Moniker Ersatz

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Short and sweet...and very steamy!, June 5, 2021
by Shadowcutie (USA)

A very fun and playful short story.

The erotic scenes are very nice; the fact that you can customize not only the pronouns but the top and bottom body parts of the characters allows for everyone to play exactly how they like.

The inclusion of a scene select is very appreciated, given that there aren't saves.

Superstition S2, by 13Leagues

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Superstition continues to amaze, June 5, 2021
by Shadowcutie (USA)

Superstition season two is wonderful! Everything you like/dislike about season one is bigger and better in season two, with added drama and angst particularly centered around the romance subplots.

I really love Chris' character and romance arc, and I'm super interested in seeing how he grows in later seasons. The new romance options are interesting, there's really someone for everyone in the game.

I appreciate the role-playing options we're given for Roe, they're such an interesting main character. I'm ready to continue making a bunch of saves for different playthroughs just to see each little variation.

Please Answer Carefully, by litrouke
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Superstition S1, by 13Leagues

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An exciting supernatural adventure, May 3, 2021
by Shadowcutie (USA)

Superstition is such a good supernatural series. It's dark and tense though it has lots of moments of levity--playing a sarcastic/jokester Roe can either be a breath of fresh air for some, or a bunch of jarring "this doesn't fit the moment at all" and *eyerolling* moments for others.

The characters, the companions in particular, are well written and are the kinds of characters you either absolutely love or hate with every fiber of your being; so expect a lot of "how can anyone stand this character" type of thoughts. There is some choice to the makeup of your team, while some characters are required there are a couple you can choose to take with you or refuse.

Keep in mind that season 1 only has two, with a minor cameo of another one, of the five (& poly route) romance options. Relationships started in season 1 aren't locked-in for the rest of the series, (Spoiler - click to show)so if you want to break up and switch to another romance for extra angst in later seasons...feel free!

I really appreciate the little PoV moments, it's always a treat to have them in games.

...In Love And War, by Crissie24
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The Arboretum, by Matthew S. Burns
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