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Hello, I'm new to IF, but have really been enjoying writing it. IN terms of playing I have always stumbled upon IF storiesand enjoyed them, but never thought about it as a medium on its own until recently.

I have recently made a short twine based IF called "Love Forever" that can be found at, so I'd love to get your feedback:

Beyond that my hobbies include cooking, baking, painting, and drawing cute animals having tea parties. If you have or want any good recipes message me and let's talk! ^_^

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Interactive Fiction by darlarosa

Love Forever, by Darla Rosa (2015)
(2 ratings)
She will love him forever, and because of that you are damned. Through every single life your heart has belonged to him. It is a curse that has plagued you across time, and has left scars deeper...

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Home Open, by Emily Boegheim   January 13, 2016
"Parser games are a matter of personal taste. This one is fun and well written. Loved the little details about the house. But I hate..." - See the full review

Find The Woman Of Colour At The Game Jam, by sui   January 13, 2016
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My Name is Tara Sue, by Maki Yamazaki   December 30, 2015
"This is one of the most visually appealing stories made in Twine. If you have difficulty reading due to certain fonts or text layouts, as..." - See the full review

Truth is Ghost, by Joel Goodwin   December 29, 2015
"Based on a short story, "Truth is Ghost" is a fascinating exploration of perspective, the paranormal, and murder. As you navigate a..." - See the full review

Trumped, by Soda51   December 29, 2015
"I consider myself a progressive liberal( full disclosure). Full disclosure, that has nothing to do with why this...."game" stinks...." - See the full review

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The Writer Will Do Something, by Matthew Burns, Tom Bissell
My Name is Tara Sue, by Maki Yamazaki

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