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hello there, my name is james, mostly notable as james live vocals productions on youtube. i have created at least one work of if, and am working on my more serious work of if, have no idea when it will be complete. my favorite if games are, curses,a bearís night out and, adventure, just to name a few. curses is no doubt the hardest of the three i have named. never the less, itís still fun.

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games with cooking - 25 votes for 13 games; created February 13, 2021
I'm looking for games with cooking. ever since I have played gourmet and, gourmet version1, wich is the same, I have also played you got...

games with guns - 3 votes for 2 games; created January 11, 2021
I'm looking for games that are similar to gun mute and, amist the saige brush and cactus, might be butchering that final title.

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Hunter, in Darkness, by Andrew Plotkin   June 28, 2021
"i completed this game in 2011, and, i will say, it's pretty great."

Gun Mute, by C.E.J. Pacian   February 13, 2021
"I really enjoyed this game. if only, there were more games with guns other than gun mute, torn, attack of the yetti robot zombies, and,..." - See the full review

Winter Wonderland, by Laura Knauth   January 27, 2021
"this is a great game, I started playing it in 2010, I usually try to follow david Wilburn's walkthroughs, however, he has not made one..." - See the full review

James Bond 007: Goldfinger, by Raymond Benson and Ian Fleming   December 27, 2020
"this game may be appealing, however, where is the download link for it?"

Tales of the Traveling Swordsman, by Mike Snyder   August 19, 2020
"how do I open hex files with frotz?"

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