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by jlvp1234
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I'm looking for games that are similar to gun mute and, amist the saige brush and cactus, might be butchering that final title.

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Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies, by Řyvind Thorsby
2 votes
(No comment) [+](No comment) ( - Full review) --MathBrush... (No comment) [+](No comment) () --Sobol...

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Torn, by Joe Chedburn
1 vote
"World's Largest Text-based Online RPG with HUGE armoury" [+]"World's Largest Text-based Online RPG with HUGE armoury: Torn is set in a virtual city, Torn City. The game revolves around criminal activity where you can buy and trade over 70 different guns from a Beretta 92FS to a M16 A2 Rifle or AK47.

There's more than 30 modifications and upgrades available for each gun from Reflex Sights to tripods to improve accuracy and a range of ammunition.

There's a whole world more to TORN beyond guns, but you need to be equipped to survive." --webdevkev

jlvp1234 says: this is to complicated for me to navigate, anyone have any other suggestions?

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