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New England Gothic, by Simba   October 20, 2018
"I'm really conflicted about this game, so I've decided to defer rating it at this time. I first discovered this game as a young teen back..." - See the full review

Cactus Blue Motel, by Astrid Dalmady   July 12, 2018
"I'm a parser guy. I once believed that I'd never be able to give five stars to a Twine game for various parser-bias reasons. Then I..." - See the full review

John's Fire Witch, by John Baker   July 12, 2018
"This is most definitely one of my all time favorites. It also really inspired me in my early IF endeavors. I didn't actually get too far..." - See the full review

Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box, by Arthur DiBianca   February 24, 2018
"Arthur DiBianca; quirky, imaginative, witty, innovative, minimalistic (in the sense of the interactiveness if not of the writing). The..." - See the full review

Toiletworld, by Chet Rocketfrak   November 18, 2016
"I realized from the get-go that this was likely to go straight down the tubes, but I was vaguely intrigued by the promise of sophomoric..." - See the full review

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