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Exquisite Cadaver, by manonamora   October 31, 2022
"A meeting between three old friends discussing their artistic life while playing a fun game they had just discovered the day before. At..." - See the full review

The Sword of Rhivenia, by Ayan Mammadli   October 31, 2022
"A Hosted Games interactive fiction where the main character,the youngest of the four heirs to the Rhivenian throne, lives in an almost..." - See the full review

The Thick Table Tavern, by manonamora   October 22, 2022
"A relaxing bartending game with both story and arcade mode,set in a fictional town with all kinds of characters appearing on the tavern..." - See the full review

4 Edith + 2 Niki, by fishandbeer   October 21, 2022
"I have no idea if using the term "short" is even the right word to use for this game. It says dating simulator when there is no proper..." - See the full review

The Princess of Vestria, by K Paulo   October 20, 2022
"A nice combination of interactive fiction and old rpg games,reminding me of Magium and the Great Tournament, The Princess of Vestria..." - See the full review

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